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Shapps: Defecting MP 'has abused' Tories' trust

Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps told the party conference defecting Mark Reckless has "abused" their trust.

"Today your trust has been abused, you have been cheated, but worse, the people of Rochester and have been cast aside," Shapps said.

Grant Shapps: 'I drink beer and I love a game of bingo'

The advert tweeted by Grant Shapps on Wednesday night that was accused of being condescending Credit: Twitter/Grant Shapps

The Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps has hit back at criticism of an advert he tweeted celebrating the cuts in bingo tax and beer duty.

The party advert said the measures were "to help hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy". The Tories and Mr Shapps were accused of being "condescending" by Labour and the Lib Dems.

On a trip to Carlisle, he told BBC Radio Cumbria: "We can all argue about whether the word should be 'they' or 'us' or whatever.

"Personally, I drink beer and I love a game of bingo so I can't see why on earth they think this is more important than talking the long-term economic future of our country, supporting actually sectors like bingo or the local pubs."


Tweeter spoofs 'Bingo Budget'

One Twitter user came up with a new way of spoofing yesterday's Budget, following measures aimed to please beer drinkers and bingo-goers.

Clegg joins backlash over 'silly' Budget ad

Nick Clegg has described the Conservatives' online Budget advert as "silly" but denied that George Osborne's statement marked a "Budget for plebs".

"It was a coalition budget through and through," the deputy prime minister told a caller on his regular LBC radio phone-in.

"I am really very proud of all of it," he added.

'No question of Bingo ad being pulled'

There is no question of the Conservatives' 'patronising' online Budget advert being pulled, a senior source has said.

The source said it could not be withdrawn as it was not part of a wider campaign involving other media such as TV and radio.

But they added: "We are quite proud of those tax cuts... We stand by what was said in that advert."


Lib Dem minister: Tory advert 'a small issue'

Education minister David Laws dismissed the Bingo ad as "quite a small issue". Credit: Daybreak/ITV

The "patronising" advert tweeted by Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps is "quite a small issue" when compared to the rest of the budget, according to a Lib Dem minister.

David Laws told Daybreak: "It's not something that I worry about tremendously - how the Conservatives chose to present things in the Chancellor's budget.

"I'm far more concerned about the big fundamentals here. The big fundamentals are firstly that we are getting recovery back and borrowing down."

Bingo advert 'shows Tory mask has slipped'

Labour MP Jon Ashworth hit out at the "beer and bingo" online advert tweeted from Tory party chairman Grant Shapps, saying it shows how out of touch the government is.

This patronising advert shows again how out of touch David Cameron's Government is.

The Tory mask has slipped and revealed a party stuck in the past and only comfortable standing up for the privileged few.

Danny Alexander: Tory bingo advert 'patronising'

George Osborne's Liberal Democrat deputy in the Treasury joined the chorus of criticism against the Tory bingo advert tweeted by Grant Shapps, saying he thought it was "patronising".

Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander told BBC2's Newsnight:

I thought it was a spoof at first, it's just pretty extraordinary.

It may be our Budget but it's their words, I think it's rather patronising.

Also I think it actually demeans some quite sensible things. There are good reasons to be supporting bingo, there are good reasons to be encouraging our pub sector to be stronger - that's the analysis behind those measures.

This language, well that's for Grant Shapps to justify.

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