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Funeral protester: 'I have no regard for that woman'

One of the protesters who booed the coffin of Baroness Thatcher earlier today told ITV News he was protesting to express his dismay at her policies during her time at government. He said:

"I have no regard for that women. She put people out of work, she closed productive mines, and she put brother against brother."


Thatcher funeral 'made criticism seem misplaced'

Conservative policing minister Nick Herbert said that Baroness Thatcher's funeral "made all the criticism seem misplaced" and that it was "moving to hear the cheers outside."


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Council unveil 'Grantham's Thatcher Rose' in honour

The personalised flower to be unveiled 'Grantham's Thatcher Rose'

In Grantham, Lincolnshire, later today a personalised rose will be unveiled in honour of Lady Thatcher.

The rose has been named 'Grantham's Thatcher Rose' and will be positioned in the civic area at the Guildhall next to the book of condolences. It will be replanted in Wyndham Park in the future.

The people of Grantham, Baroness Thatcher's home town, will be represented by the Leader of South Kesteven District Council at the funeral today.

Cllr Linda Neal said: "I am honoured to be able to represent people from Grantham and throughout South Kesteven as the nation says farewell to the woman who was born and educated in our town before going on to become the country's first and only female Prime Minister."

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Grantham man pays tribute to Lady Thatcher with tattoo

The unusual design took two hours to complete and is Mr Maier's tribute to Lady Thatcher

A tattoo artist from Lady Thatcher's hometown Grantham has paid a life-long tribute to the 'Iron Lady' by having her head tattooed on his leg.

Louis Maier aged 32 wanted to have the six-inch work of art on his right calf to honour her.

The unusual design features Baroness Thatcher's head sitting on an ice cream cone complete with a flake.

The tattoo pays tribute to Thatcher's work as a chemist prior to her political career when she helped invent soft-scoop ice cream

The reason Mr Maier chose the colourful design was to mark Lady Thatcher's work as a research chemist prior to her political career.

Louis Maier says he loves 'Mr Whippy' ice cream so had to get the tattoo

During her time as a chemist she was part of a team said to invent the technique of pumping air into ice cream to produce a soft scoop version to reduce production costs.

Politicians and family pay private respects to Thatcher

The coffin of Baroness Thatcher, draped in the union flag, is lying in the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft tonight, below the Parliament she dominated for more than a decade.

This afternoon family members were joined by around a hundred of her closest allies and friends for a private ceremony ahead of tomorrow's ceremonial funeral at St Paul's, as Political Editor Tom Bradby reports.

More than 4,000 officers to police Thatcher's funeral

More than 4,000 police officers will be on duty tomorrow for Baroness Thatcher's funeral, Scotland Yard said today.

The Metropolitan Police also revealed that "a small number" of protesters have contacted them to say that they plan to demonstrate during the event.

Police outside St Paul's Cathedral in London. Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

The force is running a joint operation with City of London Police and British Transport Police.

Commander Christine Jones said, "We have been approached by a small number of people planning to protest. We are working with them, and would ask anyone who plans to protest to come forward and speak with us today".

"We will continue to review our intelligence and evidence picture, and although to date no arrests connected to the ceremonial funeral have yet been made, should the need arise to arrest those who are committing acts of crime or violence, or conspiring to do so, we will respond accordingly".

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