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More than 4,000 officers to police Thatcher's funeral

More than 4,000 police officers will be on duty tomorrow for Baroness Thatcher's funeral, Scotland Yard said today.

The Metropolitan Police also revealed that "a small number" of protesters have contacted them to say that they plan to demonstrate during the event.

Police outside St Paul's Cathedral in London. Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

The force is running a joint operation with City of London Police and British Transport Police.

Commander Christine Jones said, "We have been approached by a small number of people planning to protest. We are working with them, and would ask anyone who plans to protest to come forward and speak with us today".

"We will continue to review our intelligence and evidence picture, and although to date no arrests connected to the ceremonial funeral have yet been made, should the need arise to arrest those who are committing acts of crime or violence, or conspiring to do so, we will respond accordingly".

More than half of Brits will not watch Thatcher funeral

54 percent of those surveyed for the ITV News Index say they are not interested in watching coverage of Baroness Thatcher’s funeral.

A full dress rehearsal has been held ahead of Baroness Thatcher's funeral. Credit: Press Association

The poll, carried out by ComRes, also found that a third (31%) of those polled disagreed with the statement and 15 percent didn't know.


Big Ben bells last silenced for Churchill's funeral

Commons speaker John Bercow has announced that the bells of Big Ben and the Great Clock at Westminster are to be silenced during the funeral of Baroness Thatcher on Wednesday.

The bells of Big Ben are to be silenced during the funeral of Baroness Thatcher. Credit: Press Association

The House of Commons authorities has said the last time the bells were silenced were for Winston Churchill's funeral in 1965, except in the 1970s when they broke down.

Baroness Thatcher's grandchildren arrive in London

Baroness Thatcher's grandchildren, who both live in Dallas in the US, have arrived in the UK ahead of their grandmother's funeral on Wednesday.

They posed outside Baroness Thatcher's London home for photographs today along with their father Mark and his wife Sarah.

Mark Thatcher with his family (left to right) wife Sarah, son Michael and daughter Amanda. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Downing St decline to comment on Galloway's PMQs bid

The Prime Minister's press spokesman declined to comment on George Galloway's attempt to try and block Government plans to cancel Wednesday's Prime Minister's Questions session to allow MPs to attend Baroness Thatcher's funeral.

The spokesman said:

There will be a procedure to come before the House. How individual members respond is a matter for them.

There has been agreement through the usual channels that the usual order of business for the House on Wednesday should be altered.

It has been agreed across the parties. The Prime Minister's view is that that is the right thing to do.


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