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Police: 'Secret past' of Fred Talbot can be revealed

The "secret past" of television weatherman Fred Talbot can be revealed after he was found guilty of indecently assaulting two boys, Greater Manchester Police said.

Speaking after the guilty verdicts, a police spokesperson said: "Talbot was an extremely popular and well liked individual - both as a celebrity weatherman and formerly as a science teacher - who earned not only the trust and adulation of many of his peers and pupils, but also much of the nation.

Police have released this mug shot of Fred Talbot. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

"Now he has been exposed as an opportunistic sex offender and that reputation is rightly in tatters.

"Even when he was not committing offences against the two vulnerable young boys, his behaviour was wholly inappropriate and so far removed from his duty as a teacher to nurture and safeguard those under his care it really does defy belief."

Police crackdown leads to child exploitation arrests

Eleven people have been arrested by Greater Manchester Police as part of an investigation into child sex exploitation.

The force said the suspects were not acting as a gang. The allegations include rape, abduction and child prostitution.

It comes after claims by former officers from the force about the difficulty of securing prosecutions in child exploitation cases.

ITV News' Rebecca Barry reports:

  1. Granada

Sexual exploitation offences "centred on Longsight"

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