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Greek singer Demis Roussos dies aged 68

Greek singer Demis Roussos performing in 2013. Credit: Reuters

Greek singer Demis Roussos has died aged 68, an Athens hospital has said.

Roussos has sold millions of albums worldwide and was formerly a member of prog rock band Aphrodite's Child.

Among his most popular songs on a solo artist were Forever and Ever and Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye.


Supporters of Syriza party hold huge rally in Athens

Greek leftist leader Alexis Tsipras told thousands of people gathered in Athens last night that an end to "national humiliation" was near.

Recent opinion polls showed his Syriza party pulling ahead three days before an election.

Supporters gather to listen to Syriza party leader Alexis Tsipras in central Athens Credit: REUTERS/Marko Djurica

Tsipras urged Greeks to give Syriza an outright victory in Sunday's vote so the country could turn its back on four years of austerity under the terms of an EU/IMF bailout.

Alexis Tsipras addresses thousands in central Athens Credit: REUTERS/Orstis Panagiotou/Pool

"On Monday, national humiliation will be over. We will finish with orders from abroad," Tsipras, 40, told flag-waving supporters at his biggest election rally.

Syriza supporters wave a Greek national flag and other flags Credit: REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

Greeks hold candlelight vigil for Elgin Marbles

Hundreds of Greeks gathered outside the Acropolis museum on Sunday to hold a candlelight vigil asking Britain for the return of the Elgin marbles.

Greeks hold candles in the streets of Athens near the Acropolis Credit: Reuters

The marble statues from the facade of the Parthenon have been the subject of acrimonious dispute since they were taken from Ottoman-ruled Athens by the Earl of Elgin in 1816.

The Mayor of Athens suburb Marathon (centre) joins the vigil Credit: Acropolis

The British Museum attracted controversy last month when it agreed to loan part of the marbles to a museum in Russia.

Protesters hold candles during the vigil Credit: Acropolis

Heat and smoke restricts search of burnt out ferry

There are conflicting figures about the number of people still missing after the fire. Credit: CCTV

Fierce heat from a slow-burning blaze kept firefighters and other investigators from searching the hold and vehicle decks of a Greek ferry for more bodies for a second day.

At least 11 people perished in the pre-dawn blaze on 28th December aboard the Norman Atlantic, on a voyage between Greece and Italy.

Authorities fear more bodies might be inside the vehicle deck where the fire began.

The ferry was towed into the Italian port of Brindisi on Friday morning and port captain Mario Valente said temperatures were "very high" inside the deck, with smoke still pouring from the wreck.

Bari prosecutor Ettore Cardinali later said no bodies were found during a search of some of the passenger cabins and some deck areas.


Remains of burned-out ferry docks, black box recovered

The charred remains of a ferry which caught fire in the Adriatic Sea, killing at least 11 people, have been brought in to harbour in Italy.

The ferry was still smouldering as an Italian tugboat towed it into Brindisi port. Credit: CCTV

The blaze took hold of the Norman Atlantic ship just off the Greek island of Corfu on Sunday, and was still smouldering as an Italian tugboat towed it into Brindisi port.

Prosecutors have now recovered the ship's black box and will examine its contents.

Eleven people have been confirmed dead Credit: CCTV

The ferry's captain, Argilio Giacomazzi, and its Italian owner Carlo Visentini, have already been charged with shipwreck, multiple manslaughter and negligent injury.

Four more people, including two crew members and two representatives of operator Greek ANEK Lines, are also under investigation.

An unknown number of people are still missing Credit: CCTV

Eleven people have been confirmed dead to date, while 477 people have been rescued.

An unknown number of others remain missing.

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