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Greens: UK 'must do more for people fleeing violence'

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has said that Britain must do "must do more for people fleeing violence".


Greens will 'consider the evidence' on three-way marriage

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has said she would "consider the evidence" on changing the law to allow three-way marriages.

Speaking to ITV News political correspondent Libby Wiener after Pink News raised the issue, Ms Bennett said she was a fan of "evidence-based policy making", and so could not pass comment either way at this point as to whether it was something the Greens would support.

Green Party leader 'loses voice' due to too much talking

Natalie Bennett has had to alter her campaigning schedule today after losing her voice due to "too many conversations with voters".

The Green Party leader tweeted:

Greens 'delighted' at Labour rents cap plan

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has denied Labour stole her thunder, saying she was "delighted" it had announced plans to cap rents in line with inflation.

But she called Ed Miliband's policy, announced the day before her party's plan to do the same, a "watered down" version, stressing the Greens had a different approach to housing.

She told BBC Breakfast:

We need to move away from thinking of homes primarily as financial assets and go back to thinking they are safe places for people to live.

– Natalie Bennett

The Greens would also abolish right to buy, she said, and build 500,000 social homes on brownfield sites over the course of the next parliament.

Bennett on her decision to become British citizen

The Green Party leader has said she wants to, "celebrate contribution of migrants to Britain," as she spoke her own decision to become a British citizen in the live Challengers' Debate.

Natalie Bennett

I am an immigrant, I've chosen to become a British citizen, to make my life in Britain. I came as a visitor, I loved the British way of life, I love the traditions, the culture and I decided to stay and make this my home.

– Natalie Bennett


Greens launch 'vision that sees end of disastrous austerity'

Natalie Bennett launched the Green Party's manifesto today at a conference in east London. With more scrutiny on the party this time around, they are nevertheless hoping to improve on the single Westminster seat they won in 2010.

ITV News correspondent Lewis Vaughan Jones reports:

Greens pledge 'citizen's pension' to stop poverty in old age

The Green Party would launch a 'citizen's pension' with the aim of lifting every pensioner out of poverty, Natalie Bennett has said.

Pensioners would receive £180 for singles and £310 for couples, she said, partly paid for by halving government support to private pensions.

Bennett: Greens 'manifesto is an end to Thatcherism'

Speaking at a launch event in east London, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has said that her party's manifesto is a "end to Thatcherism."

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