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'Two women handcuffed' as police search Greenwich flat

Neighbours say the flat door in Greenwich was smashed open by balaclava-wearing police armed with machine guns.

Officers were heard shouting "get down on the floor". Two women thought to be sisters were handcuffed and led away.

A teenage boy, a toddler and a baby were also taken away.


In pictures: Justin Bieber's scuffle with photographer

These pictures show Justin Bieber's scuffle with a photographer outside his London hotel.

Justin Bieber climbs back out of his car to confront photographer Credit: Channel 5 News
Justin Bieber shouts abuse back at the photographer Credit: Channel 5 News
Bodyguards hold Justin Bieber back Credit: Channel 5 News

Transcript of Bieber's scuffle with photographer

Here is a transcript of the scuffle between Justin Bieber and photographers outside the star's London hotel:

Bodyguard: Watch out, give us some space guys.

Photographer: OK, OK.

[Bieber pushes photographer]

Photographer: Easy! Easy! That's assault. That's assault.

Bodyguard: Yeah, but you're in our way. Relax.

Photographer: No, I moved out the way. F-----g little c---. That's assault. F--k back off to America. F-----g little moron.

Bieber: What the f--k did you say? What did you say? I'm gonna f-----g beat the f--k out of you.

Photographer: You heard what I said. Lose your f-----g bouncers.

Bieber: I 'let the paps get the best of me'

Justin Bieber filmed clashing with press outside hotel

Justin Bieber has "clashed" with a cameraman outside his London hotel, Channel 5 news reports.

In the footage, Bieber is seen pushing a member of the press out of the way as he climbs into a waiting car.

He then gets out of car and pushes the cameraman again, shouting a stream of expletives.

Watch the video in full on the Channel 5 News at 5pm.


'Beliebers' send love to sick Justin

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