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Guatemala landslide: 95 dead and 300 still missing

Mexican Army rescue team members and sniffer dogs survey an area affected by the mudslide. Credit: Reuters

Final rescue efforts have resumed for more than 300 people still believed missing after a huge landslide in Guatemala.

At least 95 people have been confirmed dead in the disaster on the southeast of Guatemala City, and that toll is expected to rise further still.

The El Cambray II neighbourhood which was battered by the landslide lies at the bottom of a deep ravine and is surrounded by trees.

Authorities had been warned about building homes in the area when it was established in 1999, but the town kept growing regardless.


Guatemala landslide death toll rises to at least 26

A fire services spokesman has said that the death toll from a landslide in Guatemala has risen to at least 26 people.

Guatemala landslide death toll rises to at least 26. Credit: PA

Authorities in Guatemala said up to 600 people were missing from the disaster, which happened after heavy rain swept boulders and mud over dozens of homes in Santa Catarina Pinula on the southeastern flank of Guatemala City on on October 1.

Guatemala Supreme Court approves call to impeach Perez

The Guatemalan Supreme Court has approved a request by the country's attorney general to impeach President Otto Perez over allegations of corruption.

Allegations of corruption have plagued Otto Perez Credit: Reuters

Claims that Perez had been involved in siphoning off customs revenue from the government have devastated the country's cabinet, and has already led to the resignation in May of Vice President Roxana Baldetti.

He has angrily dismissed the claims and refused to resign, but the Supreme Court held up a call by the attorney general and an United Nations-backed anti-corruption body known as the CICIG.

The matter has now been passed to Congress for approval.


Guatemalans protest over government corruption

An aerial view shows protesters at a demonstration demanding the resignation of Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina. Credit: Reuters

The capital of Guatemala came to a standstill on Saturday as thousands gathered to voice their anger over government corruption.

Protesters marching through Guatemala City demanded President Otto Perez's resignation and jail time for all officials involved in the scandal.

The demonstration drew support from a wide range of sectors in the Central American nation, including business leaders, academics, churches and human rights advocates.

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