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US Army website taken down after hack

The US Army was forced to take down its website after it was hacked. Credit: Reuters

Hackers have forced the US Army to take down its website after it was targeted in a cyber attack.

The Syrian Electronic Army, a pro-Assad group has claimed responsibility for the hack.

On its Twitter page the group said it had posted several propaganda messages on the site.

After this came to our attention, the Army took appropriate preventive measures to ensure there was no breach of Army data by taking down the website temporarily.

– Army Brigadier General Malcolm Frost

Sadie Frost: 'I couldn't trust my closest friends'

Sadie Frost has admitted that she was relieved she wasn't going mad, after she first heard that her phones had been hacked by Trinity Mirror newspapers.

The actor and businesswoman said that she had lost trust in her closest friends and family, and was in a "very lonely place"

She said: "When I found out I was hacked, things began to make sense."

Mirror is 'considering appeal' over size of damages

A spokesperson for Trinity Mirror said that the group believed that "the basis used for calculating the damages is incorrect" and that it would be considering asking leave for an appeal.

Trinity Mirror notes the judgment released today by Justice Mann. We have said all along that we would pay full, fair and proper compensation to the claimants and that is not in dispute. However, damages need to be proportionate to compensation awarded in previous cases of physical and mental suffering.

We are currently reviewing the judgment, which is of some length, however our current view is that the basis used for calculating the damages is incorrect, and as such we are considering whether to seek permission to appeal.

– Trinity Mirror

'An important result for all victims of press intrusion'

The lead solicitor for the claimants in the hacking case against the Mirror Group has hailed today's damages as "an important result for all victims of press intrusion".

James Heath of Atkins Thomson said it had "taken a brave and determined group of claimants to finally bring this newspaper group to account".

The Judge found that phone hacking by Mirror Group’s newspapers was widespread, institutionalised and long standing. He found there to be intrusion into the private lives of the claimants, which ranged from “serious” to “enormous”. The very substantial awards of damages reflect this gross intrusion.

– James Heath, lead solicitor


Paul Gascoigne 'delighted and relieved' with result

Credit: Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire

Paul Gascoigne's solicitor has said his client is "delighted and relieved" by the ruling in today's hacking trial.

However, he was said to be "frustrated" that he wasn't cross-examined "so that he could explain in detail the awful impact the hacking of his phone has had upon him, his family and close friends, his health and general well-being".

Mr Gascoigne says that he now wishes to put the matter behind him.

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