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Harman on Brexit: Never thought I would wish a Tory PM would win a vote

Labour MP Harriet Harman has said "I never thought I'd see the day when I wish a Tory prime minister would win a vote, but last Thursday I did".

Addressing the Commons, she added: "I think the country will pay a bitter price for the fact that he lost this one."

Harman: We must 'unite against hate' that killed Jo Cox

Jo Cox died last week.

Harriet Harman has called on people to "unite against the hate" that killed MP Jo Cox.

Speaking as she campaigned for a Remain vote in Thursday's EU referendum, the former acting Labour leader said:

Jo believed in a better world and fought for it every day of her life with an energy and an enthusiasm which would have exhausted most people.

What she would want now is for her two young children to be bathed in love and for us to unite against the hate that killed her.

– Harriet Harman


Harriet Harman questions online registration system

Labour MP Harriet Harman has taken to Twitter to ask why people need to register to vote.

More than 26,000 people were using the online service to register with just five minutes to go before the Monday deadline, allegedly causing the website to crash.

Harman said all eligible people should be put on the register automatically - instead of being asked to apply.


Migrants are people, not insects, Harman tells PM

Harriet Harman said the Prime Minister appeared to want to whip people up against the migrants. Credit: PA

Acting Labour leader Harriet Harman said David Cameron "should remember he is talking about people, not insects" following his "swarms" comment.

She told the BBC the Prime Minister appeared to want to whip people up against the migrants.

Ms Harman also dismissed calls for the British Army to be sent in to sort out the problem.

I think it's a very worrying turn that he appears to be wanting to be divisive and set people against, whip people up, against the migrants in Calais when what he should have been doing, and should have been doing months ago and was warned to be doing, is to get the situation sorted out with the French.

– Harriet Harman

Kendall backs Harriet Harman's policy on welfare cuts

Labour leadership hopeful Liz Kendall has defended the party's interim leader, Harriet Harman after others attacked her for endorsing key Tory benefit cuts.

Liz Kendall and Harriet Harman Credit: REUTERS/Darren Staples / Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Liz Kendall said it was essential that the party showed that it had changed if was to regain the trust of voters.

She said "People said to us 'We don't trust you on the money, we don't trust you on welfare reform.'

If we are going to oppose things we have to put something else in its place, because if we carry on making the same arguments we have done over the last five years we will get the same result.

"We have to put forward a different credible alternative and Harriet was absolutely right to say that."

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