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One drink a day raises heart risk in elderly women

Even moderate drinking can harm elderly women's hearts Credit: Richard Gray / EMPICS

Even moderate amounts of drinking can lead to a reduction in heart function in older women, American research has shown.

A study of nearly 4,500 people with an average age of 76 has shown that one drink a day can cause damage - but only to women.

Lead researcher Dr Scott Solomon, from Harvard Medical School, said: "Women appear more susceptible than men to the cardiotoxic effects of alcohol, which might potentially contribute to a higher risk of alcohol cardiomyopathy [heart damage linked to alcohol] for any given level of alcoholic intake."

Heavy drinking, meanwhile, was shown to damage men's hearts in a similar way


More than a third 'not using cholesterol drugs'

More than a third of people prescribed drugs for high cholesterol are putting themselves at a dramatically increased risk of heart problems by failing to take their medication for the condition, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has warned.

The BHF said online research into 1,025 people in the UK conducted in February has shown 36% of cholesterol patients fail to take their prescribed medication for the condition.

The research has coincided with a study that also found cholesterol-lowering drugs could benefit even apparently healthy people with no previous history of heart disease.

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