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Helen Fielding research suggests woman should be 'horrible' to be lucky in love

Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding's research suggests women should try being "really horrible" to become lucky in love, the Mail on Sunday reports.

The woman behind the famous singleton revealed she set up fake profiles on dating websites at an event in Los Angeles where she was speaking about her latest book Mad About The Boy

Helen Fielding also admitted to meeting up with one man she met online through her fake profiles.

As part of her research, she created an account featuring a photograph of a woman in a sensible jumper who loved to read and cook, and a separate account for a woman called 'SuperLuckyB**h' who had a glamorous photograph.

Fielding is quoted as saying: "I had SuperLuckyB**h who was glamorous but really horrible and it said on her profile, 'You'd be lucky to get a date with me', and the other woman was really nice and sweet.

"Well, I bet you can guess who was the most popular....SuperLuckyB**ch got all the replies".