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Twitter victim: It's not about being able to hack it

A high-profile feminist who has experienced abuse on Twitter told ITV that the social networking site needs to enforce its own terms of service and acknowledge there is a problem.

Helen Lewis, New Statesman deputy editor and member of campaigning group Women in Journalism said:

We've been campaigning for years now and that's behind the frustration that there's no action and the onus is on the victim to act.

In some cases of online abuse, like that of US feminist blogger Anita Sarkeesian who was sent death threats, there is evidence of accounts that sent them are active. Why do people feel they have the right to send death threats?

This isn't just a case of women not being able to hack it on the internet, like we're lily-livered victims. These threats are intended to undermine and intimidate you and that is a freedom of speech issue itself.

– Helen Lewis