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Hints that Donald Trump may ditch his running partner

Donald Trump has said he disagrees with his running mate Mike Pence on a vital foreign policy issue.

Asked about his position on Syria, Trump said "he [Pence] and I haven't spoken, and we disagree."

He also appeared to praise President Assad, saying "I don't like Assad at all, but Assad is killing ISIS" along with Iran and Russia.


Former chair of the Republican Party tweets about debate

Michael Steele, the former chair of the Republican Party has tweeted about the presidential debate, suggesting that the GOP is exploding as they watch the debate.

He tweeted "GOP at this moment", with a gif of a nuclear explosion.

Donald Trump threatens to prosecute Hillary Clinton

In the event that he wins the presidential race in November, Donald Trump said he would employ a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton over the emails deleted from her personal server.

He then said to her, "you'd be in jail" if he was president.

Trump denies assaulting women way described in tape

Presidential candidate Donald Trump denied assaulting women in the ways described in the 2005 recording.

When asked by one of the moderators if he had ever assaulted women, he said: "No I have not."

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