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South Yorkshire Chief Constable steps down after one day

It was reported Dawn Copley is being investigated over her conduct at Greater Manchester Police.

The new Chief Constable of South Yorkshire police has stepped down after just one day.

Dawn Copley, who has been the force's Deputy Chief Constable since September last year, was appointed to the role on Wednesday.

It came after then Chief Constable David Crompton was suspended - a decision welcomed by the families of Hillsborough victims.

But in a statement tonight, Mrs Copley said she had "offered to step back to her substantive role" while another temporary chief constable was sought.

It follows media reports she is being investigating over her conduct within Greater Manchester Police.

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings said: "Mrs Copley has made clear to me that she does not want any further negative publicity or criticism to be levelled at the Force.

"In the interests of the Force she has therefore offered to step back to her substantive role to allow me to seek support from the College of Policing in identifying another Chief Officer to act as Temporary Chief Constable until a recruitment process can take place.

"Mrs Copley will need to stay in post for a very short period of time, to deal with pressing matters, but, at her request, this will be for the shortest possible period."


City unites to remember Hillsborough's 96 victims

The city of Liverpool united tonight to remember the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster, the day after their families fight for justice and truth finally got answers.

Thousands gathered for a vigil in the city centre as all 96 names were read out and the families of the victims gathered to pay tribute to their loved ones.

ITV News Correspondent Martin Geissler reports.

Hillsborough documentary set to be reshown

The Hillsborough documentary was made with the help of victims families Credit: ITV

A 1996 documentary-drama about the Hillsborough disaster is due to be reshown this weekend.

The heart-wrenching drama was put together with the help of victims families and focuses on the lives that were affected by the tragedy.

It will be shown on ITV at 10.20pm on Sunday.

Liverpool Echo: the paper that stood by its city

The Liverpool Echo has believed in and supported the families of those who were involved in the Hillsborough disaster since the very beginning.

Editor of Liverpool Echo Alastair Machray told ITV News that establishment figures underestimated the city: "It's indomitable. No matter what you do to it, it bounces back and says 'Is that all you've got? Hit me again.'"

Mark Austin visits the newspaper that has stood by Liverpool for 27 years:

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