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Government: We are 'clearing up Labour's mess'

A report has found that even the brightest pupils in England are falling behind in maths, from the age of 10.

Education Minister Elizabeth Truss said the report was a "damning indictment of Labour's record on education."

This Government is clearing up Labour's mess. Our reforms - tougher discipline, more rigorous exams, more freedom for headteachers, a more demanding curriculum and higher quality teaching - will drive up standards so our pupils have a first-class education that matches the best in the world.

– Elizabeth Truss, Education Minister

England's brightest fall behind in maths from age of 10

England's cleverest pupils match peers from leading East Asian countries in maths until the age of 10, but are two years behind by the age of 16.

New research has found that even the brightest youngsters are behind pupils in nations such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, suggesting more needs to be done to keep them apace.

Pupils keep pace until the age of 10 Credit: David Jones/PA Wire

The Institute of Education, University of London used results from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and the Trends in Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).

It concluded that the gap widens between the ages of ten and 16.



Seven arrested in Hong Kong boat crash probe

Hong Kong boat crash
The collision killed 38 people, according to reports Credit: Siu Chiu / Reuters

Hong Kong police on Tuesday arrested seven crew members from two boats in a collision that killed 38 holiday revellers, Associated Press reported.

Police Commissioner Tsang Wai-hung said the suspects were detained on suspicion of endangering passengers by operating the craft unsafely.

"We expect further persons to be arrested," he said.

The Monday night crash was Hong Kong's deadliest accident in more than 15 years, and the worst maritime accident in more than 40.

Hong Kong ferry was 'crashed into' by another boat

A deadly boat crash in Hong Kong was caused when one vessel crashed into another, claimed a director of the company whose vessel sunk and left at least 36 passengers dead.

Yuen Sui-See of Hongkong Electric said:

Our ship's license was granted just recently, so this is not an issue about inspection. I hope everyone understands that we were directly crashed into.

This is equivalent to a car colliding straight into you, and when this happens, whether or not the car had undergone inspections earlier, is a completely different issue.

– Yuen Sui-see

Hong Kong boat was on way to fireworks display

Hong Kong
Fireworks over Victoria Harbour marked China's national day Credit: Reuters

Passengers on a ferry that crashed in Hong Kong, leaving at least 36 people dead, were on their way to watch a fireworks display.

The stricken boat had been taking staff from the Hongkong Electric Company and family members to the city's Victoria Harbour to celebrate China's national day and mid-autumn festival.

There were more than 120 passengers aboard the vessel, which hit another ship and began sinking near Lamma island.

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