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McCoy will not reach 4,000 wins milestone today

Record-breaking jockey Tony McCoy will not reach 4,000 race wins today after failing to win the first two of his three rides in Exeter.

Tony McCoy on Flemenson at Exeter today. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

However, our sports correspondent Ian Payne said: "Such is the relentless nature of horse racing, McCoy could reach that milestone tomorrow at Chepstow where he has a couple more rides.

"He is a total phenomenon, he's won the championship for jockeys 18 times and he is going for his 19th this year."

The 18-time champion jockey finished second on his opening race on Flemenson, seventh on Keen Eye in his second ride and has one more race at Exeter today.

McCoy downplays chance of reaching milestone today

Record-breaking jockey Tony McCoy, who is only two race wins short of reaching an astonishing 4,000 jump victories, downplayed his chances of completing that feat at Exeter today.

Record-breaking jockey Tony McCoy could record his 4000th win today. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

The Northern Irishman, who has three rides at Exeter, told the Guardian he had "bits of chances" to complete that milestone today.

He said: "I wouldn't say they're good chances. Flemenson won at Uttoxeter the last day, he's probably my best chance. Well Hello There fell last time and I think the one in the hurdle is probably not much good."

McCoy currently has 3,998 victories over his 18-year career and his first race starts at 1.50pm today, followed by another at 2.20pm and the last at 3.50pm.


Audience research on McCririck was 'among worst ever'

Flamboyant racing pundit John McCririck was dumped from a high-profile role on Channel 4 because he was "alienating" and "very offensive", an employment tribunal has been told.

Jay Hunt, Channel 4's chief creative officer, said a talent tracker study on how he went down with audiences was "one of the worst pieces of research I have ever seen regarding a presenter".

McCririck with his wife Jenny, who he refers to as 'The Booby'. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

McCririck, 73, who was dropped from Channel 4's revamped on-screen line-up, is accusing his former employers of age discrimination.

Ms Hunt said the audience research on him was "one of the most dispiriting" documents she had seen.


C4 exec denies McCririck 'age discrimination' claim

A TV executive has denied claims by racing presenter John McCririck that she was a "serial age discrimination offender".

Jay Hunt, Channel 4's chief creative officer, told an employment tribunal she felt there was "no correlation" between younger presenters drawing younger audiences.

Former BBC executive Jay Hunt pictured at the Miriam O'Reilly tribunal in 2010.

She added that claims by McCririck, who says he was sacked by the channel because of his age, were "untrue".

Hunt was at the BBC when presenter Miriam O'Reilly won an age discrimination case against the corporation after she was dropped from the Countryfile programme.

"Contrary to what John McCririck says, I have learnt from that case," Hunt told the tribunal.

John McCririck 'panto style' criticised

A senior television producer suggested John McCririck should be dropped from the revamped Channel 4 racing line-up because his "pantomime" presenting was a distraction, an employment tribunal has heard.

Carl Hicks, the IMG production company's executive producer of Channel 4 Racing, said there was no "appropriate role" for the flamboyant presenter.

John McCririck outside the London Central Employment Tribunal today. Credit: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

"John was an eccentric and seen at worst as a loud-mouthed and chauvinistic extraordinaire, which was not what I wanted to be part of the team to broaden racing," Hicks told the central London hearing.

"My perception from watching John McCririck on television in the past was that he came across as being aggressive, sexist and non-inclusive."

McCririck 'irritating' to viewers, tribunal hears

The former boss of John McCririck claims the racing pundit was dropped by Channel 4 because he was "unappealing and irritating" to many Channel 4 viewers.

Jamie Aitchison was giving evidence at Mr McCririck's employment tribunal, where the 73-year-old claims he was sacked because of his age.

ITV News correspondent Juliet Bremner reports:

C4: 'Irritating' McCririck was not sacked for his age

Horse racing pundit John McCririck was sacked because he was "irritating" to viewers, says Channel 4 Credit: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Horse racing pundit John McCririck was sacked from Channel 4 because he was "irritating" to viewers, an employment tribunal has heard.

Jamie Aitchison, the commissioning editor for sport at Channel 4, said McCririck was a "comic act" who brought a "farcical tone" to shows and was not left out of its new horse racing presenting team because of age.

Aitchison said concerns over McCririck's style were supported by audience surveys, press coverage and viewer complaints.

He added that the pundit's "exaggerated tone and style and propensity to offend was out of step with the vision for the programme, and also unappealing and irritating to many current and potential viewers".

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