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Eric Joyce: 'No charges brought at the moment'

Eric Joyce on leaving the police station. Credit: ITV News

An MP arrested after a late-night brawl in the House of Commons has been released on police bail.

On leaving a central London police station, Eric Joyce said: "no charges have been brought at the moment."

The MP left the Labour Party after headbutting a Tory MP in a Commons bar last year.

MP banned from buying alcohol on Parliamentary estate indefinitely

The Serjeant at Arms has confirmed that yesterday evening the Member for Falkirk was detained following a disturbance on the Parliamentary Estate.

The House authorities take their responsibility for the welfare of those who work in and visit the Commons estate very seriously.

The authorities promote responsible alcohol use and have policies in place to encourage staff and Members to consume alcohol accordingly.

Alcohol-related incidents on the Estate are rare, and the serious incident last night was counter to the policies in place.

Given the Member for Falkirk has previously been found guilty of an alcohol-related incident on the Parliamentary Estate, the Speakers and House authorities have agreed that with immediate effect the Member for Falkirk will be prohibited from purchasing and being served alcoholic beverages from all Parliamentary facilities.

This ban will be indefinite subject to the outcome of police investigations.

– House of Commons spokesman


Eric Joyce 'surrounded by police after altercation'

A photograph appearing to show MP Eric Joyce being surrounded by police following an alleged late-night brawl at a bar in the House of Commons.

He was arrested after the incident at the Sports and Social Club bar.

Tony Grew, from the PoliticsHome website, witnessed the altercation which he said happened during a karaoke night in the bar, which was packed with about 150 people.

He said Mr Joyce entered the room "obviously agitated" and pushed his way forward to the bar.

When he followed him out of the bar he saw Mr Joyce on the ground "wrestling with two police officers".

MP's constituents want him to resign after arrest

There does not appear to be much support for Eric Joyce in his constituency of Falkirk. ITV News' Scotland Correspondent Debi Edward spoke to constituents in Denny and many want to see him resign.

One woman said the town is in a bad way and in need of regeneration and he should be dealing with that, while another said he should "do the decent thing" and step down.

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