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Brady mental health tribunal enters its final stages

The tribunal deciding the custodial future of Ian Brady is entering it's final stages.

Brady claims he is sane and wants to be transferred out of psychiatric care and back to a conventional jail.

He's been on a hunger strike for many years but is currently fed through a nasal tube. Outside of a psychiatric unit he would have the right to remove that tube and starve himself to death.

Ian Brady spoke publicly for the first time in 47 years as he gave evidence yesterday.

The counsels for all parties are presenting their closing arguments today.

Eleanor Gray QC, acting for Ashworth secure hospital (where Brady is currently held) said he has "fixed paranoid beliefs" and there is "overwhelming evidence that his personality disorders are chronic and severe".

Not one witness at the tribunal had presented any positive reason for Brady to be returned to prison, she added.

Victim's stepfather says Brady is 'just a monster'

The stepfather of a Moors Murder victim has told Daybreak that he was sickened by Ian Brady's remarks where he described his killings as "recreational".

Alan West, whose 10-year-old stepdaughter Lesley Ann Downey was killed by Brady and his partner Myra Hindley in 1964, said he wanted the "monster" to remain in a maximum security hospital.

He said: "I think he's talking a load of rubbish, he's definitely mental."

Mr West added that Brady should get "all the punishment he deserves rather than all the freedom of a prison."

"He's just a monster to be honest, a monster," he said.


Ian Brady: Psychotic symptoms were method acting

A forensic psychologist has questioned Ian Brady over whether his supposed psychotic symptoms displayed in the 80s were really just acting, as he has claimed.

In response to Dr Cameron Boyd's question, Brady said: "I have made this clear repeatedly. Stanislavski. Any informed person would grasp the meaning immediately."

A court sketch of Ian Brady giving evidence today via video link from Ashworth Hospital Credit: ITV News/Priscilla Coleman

Dr Boyd, who is also a member of the panel of the mental health tribunal, said: "Can you just explain about Stanislavski and method acting?"

Brady said: "I thought everybody knew.....It's attempting to portray the heart and soul of the character you are trying to portray."

QC questions Ian Brady over his hunger strike

Moors Murderer Ian Brady has been questioned over his hunger strike by Eleanor Grey QC counsel for Ashworth Hospital.

Brady has been tube fed at the high secure psychiatric hospital for more than a decade after refusing food.

Grey: We have heard evidence as to the extent you actually eat at present

Brady: I do what?

Grey: You eat, as well as the naso-gastric tube.

Brady : According to who? The same member of staff who I've just referred to as regressive, provocative. I have been on this 14 years. I mean it's trivia, the trivia these people use.

Grey: Mr Brady, what are you eating at the moment?

Brady: I'm not eating anything.

Ian Brady rejects notion he is mentally ill at tribunal

Eleanor Grey QC, counsel for Ashworth Hospital, has been cross-examining Ian Brady at his mental health tribunal this afternoon.

She asked him if he accepted that he was ill at the time he was transferred there in 1985 when he was said to have shown psychotic symptoms of hallucinations and delusions.

Brady replied: "Have you heard of Stanislavsky? If you knew who Stanislavksy is... have you heard of method acting? Does that make it clear to you?".

Miss Grey later asked: "Do you accept you have ever been mentally ill?"

"No," the child killer said.


Ian Brady tells health tribunal: 'I am not psychotic'

Moors Murderer Ian Brady has told his mental health tribunal that he is not "psychotic" and should be allowed to return to prison.

But the child killer refused to directly answer if he would commit suicide in jail if he gets his wish to be transferred from a maximum security hospital.

Ian Brady has been giving evidence at his mental health tribunal. Credit: ITV News/Priscilla Coleman

He compared himself to a monkey in cage being poked with a stick as he said: "You cannot make plans when you have no freedom of control, movement or anything."

Brady's barrister, Nathalie Lieven QC, asked Brady why he was not prepared to be treated with anti-psychotic drugs.He replied: "I am not psychotic."

He went on to criticise psychiatrists as he told the panel that he was "not interested in being analysed".

Brady: Ashworth Hospital is like a 'penal warehouse'

Ian Brady has been describing his life in prison and at high-security Ashworth Hospital, where he has been held for 28 years, to a mental health tribunal.

As he spoke publicly for the first time in nearly 50 years, he defended his perceived "paranoid" behaviour insisting he only took "sensible precautions" to protect himself from staff.

A court sketch of Ian Brady as he gave evidence via video link this morning. Credit: ITV News/Priscilla Coleman

Brady also said Ashworth used to be a "decent and progressive" regime but now resembled a "penal warehouse".

He insisted he had "more freedom" in prison - when he spent time in Durham, Parkhurst and Wormwood Scrubs.

The 75-year-old claims he is no longer mentally ill and should be returned to prison to serve the remainder of his whole life sentence.

He will resume giving evidence after a break.

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