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Horsemeat meatballs 'not distributed to consumers'

The Czech State Veterinary Administration reported its findings to the European Union's Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed.

The inspectors took samples for DNA tests in IKEA's unit in the city of Brno from a product labelled as "beef and pork meatballs", a statement said.

It added that the consignment of meatballs that was tested had not been distributed to consumers.

A spokesman for the institute said he did not know whether the meatballs were distributed in other European countries.

IKEA said they were made by a single Swedish supplier.


'Horsemeat meatballs' labelled as beef and pork

The Czech veterinary authority said it detected horsemeat in meatballs labelled as containing beef and pork imported to the country by Sweden's furniture retailer IKEA.

The State Veterinary Administration said the one-kilogram packs of the frozen meat balls were made in Sweden to be sold in IKEA stores.

A total of 760 kilograms of the meat balls were stopped from reaching the shelves in the Czech Republic.

Protesters demand return of Ikea monkey in Canada

Protesters in Toronto have demanded the return of the world famous Ikea monkey to his owner. Credit: RTV
The rhesus macaque monkey, named Darwin, was taken away by the animal services after visiting the furniture warehouse. Credit: RTV
Owner Yasmin Nakhuda wants Darwin returned, despite the animal being illegal in Toronto. Credit: RTV


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