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Joey Essex: Stick insects 'actually look like sticks'

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! star Joey Essex has been learning a lot in the jungle and was stunned to learn that stick insects - look like sticks.

The reality TV star could not believe his eyes and thought the insect was a spider when he first spotted one during a jungle challenge.

Joey was stunned to realise that stick insects look just like sticks. Credit: ITV

Essex, who has previously stunned viewers by saying that he does not know how to blow his nose or read the time, came face to face with the stick insects during the Dingo Dollar Challenge.

"I've never seen one of those in my life, it actually looks like a stick, it's a ringer if you compared it to some sticks, you'd never tell the difference," Essex told Olympic star Rebecca Adlington.

"It is a stick with legs that moves and now I've seen two of them it's like stick insect city here."

Viewers react angrily to ITV transmission issues

Fans of The X Factor and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here have reacted angrily to a transmission problem on ITV, with some viewers reporting a blank screen.


Wright vs Westlife's Egan in jungle 'strike' row

An attempted strike organised by campmates in I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! has been reportedly undermined by one of the contestants.

Westlife's Kian Egan was labelled a "scab" by talk show host Matthew Wright after breaking Wright's proposed protest of silence.

Wright told Egan: "That's what happened with industrial relations in this country - scabs like you." Credit: PA

"If we all take our mikes off, we'll soon find the canopy will come down pretty quick," Wright had betted, before rallying his troops: "Are you with me fellows, revolution aye?"

But the plan was scuppered when Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter came back into the camp after her Bushtucker Trial and Egan persisted in asking her about it.

Kian Egan called Wright's attitude towards his actions "unnecessary". Credit: PA

The Westlife star told Wright: "You are the only person who wants to do it! Lucy has just come back from the trial - we should listen to her speak! Let her talk about it. Your attitude is unnecessary."

Matthew Wright does 'a Myleene' in the Jungle

I'm A Celebrity... star Matthew Wright donned a white bikini to recreate former contestant Myleene Klass' famous shower scene in the Jungle.

Move over Myleene - Matthew Wright has provided this year's white bikini moment in I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! Credit: ITV

The talkshow host told fellow contestant Joey Essex: "The papers always want to know who's going to do the Myleene white bikini moment and maybe wondering if it's going to be Amy or Lucy, but I can let you into a little secret, Joey, that this year's white bikini moment is coming from a fella".

Wright told fellow contestant Joey Essex: "The papers always want to know who's going to do the Myleene white bikini moment. Credit: ITV

He then stripped off to reveal he was wearing a white Myleene-style bikini, saying: "I soaped up and did my very best to recreate those magic Myleene moments. At one point the bloody things (bikini bottoms) came undone".

The talkshow host recreated the scene from the 2006 series when Myleene Klass famously showered in a white bikini. Credit: ITV

He added: "I think it's good sometimes to turn these things on their head. It shouldn't just be every year people waiting to see the girl with the big knockers, prancing around, because ultimately that is sexist and so I'm standing up to strike a blow to even the pitch."

Your views: Rebecca Adlington's body insecurity fears

Olympic gold-medallist Rebecca Adlington has tearfully revealed her body insecurity fears on I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!

Here a selection of ITV News viewers opinions on the subject:

It's very sad Becky feels this way - she is a gold medallist and world champion and an inspiration to millions, but as [with] most girls I know, seems to be trapped in a preconceived idea of what is pretty.

– Paul Smith

It's sad that Rebecca feels insecure because of her looks and I agree that the media has a big part to play in the way women and men portray themselves, but I don't think Amy should have been made to feel that she is in the wrong for being pretty and using her strongest qualities (her looks) to make a career.

– Mandy Rodgers

Attractive women shouldn't be made to feel bad because of others insecurities. I'm sorry!! That's my opinion.

– Rachel Gavin

Adlington's sister: Thanks for support and kind words

Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington's sister has thanked her Twitter followers for all their "support and kind words" after she broke down in tears on I'm A Celebrity over her body insecurities.

She wrote on Adlington's Twitter account:

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