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Three 'illegal immigrants' arrested on motorway

Three men suspected of immigration offences have been arrested after they were spotted falling from underneath a lorry on a motorway, police said.

A member of the public saw the men on M6 near West Bromwich around 9.15am, before they were arrested near the junction with the M5.

It appears that these men may have risked their lives trying to get into the country and a passing motorist reported seeing them fall from underneath a lorry and then making their way to the central reservation.

The men believed to be from Africa and who may have hidden on a lorry travelling from Calais will be dealt with by the UK Border Force.

– Sergeant Ian Williams

Two of the men were aged 33 and a 27, police said, adding that they were arrested on suspicion of immigration offences after apparently boarding a lorry in Calais, France.


Overseas-only job adverts could be banned

The Government is consulting on plans to ban overseas-only advertising of jobs, by legally requiring employment agencies to seek applicants for posts in Britain.

Theresa May says reforms will make Britain "less attractive" for those coming for the "wrong reasons". Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

New plans to restrict the number of JobCentre Plus vacancies automatically advertised on an EU-wide employment portal will also be floated.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: "We are building an immigration system that is fair to British citizens and legitimate migrants, but tough on those who abuse it or flout the law.

"The Immigration Act is a landmark piece of legislation that will make Britain a less attractive place for those who come here for the wrong reasons, and allow us to remove more people when they have no right to remain."

Labour: David Cameron has failed on immigration

David Cameron has failed to fulfil his promise to get net migration down to tens of thousands, the shadow Home Secretary has said.

Yvette Cooper says Labour has been calling for tougher restrictions for 18 months. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Speaking following the Prime Minister's announcement of fresh curbs on benefits for migrants, Yvette Cooper said Labour called for tougher benefit restrictions nearly 18 months ago.

"We need less talk from the Prime Minister on immigration and more action," she said.

"The Government should get a grip and finally implement Labour's proposals to stop the undercutting of wages and jobs for local workers by the exploitation of low-skilled migrant labour, including banning recruitment agencies that only hire foreign workers and pressing for stronger controls in Europe."

PM: You can't come to UK to get something for nothing

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, David Cameron said:

We changed the rules so that no-one can come to this country and expect to get out-of-work benefits immediately; they must wait at least three months.

And we are announcing today that we are cutting the time people can claim these benefits for.

It used to be that European jobseekers could claim JSA (jobseeker's allowance) or child benefit for a maximum of six months before their benefits would be cut off, unless they had very clear job prospects... we will be reducing that cut-off point to three months, saying very clearly: you cannot expect to come to Britain and get something for nothing.

Taken together, this is about building a different kind of Britain - a country that is not a soft touch, but a place to play your part; a nation where those who work hard can get on.

– David Cameron


PM to limit migrant benefits to three months

European immigrants will only be able to claim benefits for three months unless they have serious job prospects under plans outlined by David Cameron.

The Prime Minister insisted the change would make it clear to migrants that they cannot get "something for nothing" in Britain and further address what he claims is the "magnetic pull" of the benefits system.

The PM says he wants to get rid of a "something for nothing" culture. Credit: PA

The plans will build on changes announced in January that mean European migrants have to wait three months after arriving in Britain before claiming out-of-work benefits.

After that three months, migrants will now only be able to claim benefits for three months unless they have "very clear job prospects" - a cut from the six months of claiming announced in January.

Extremist preacher Bakri 'will not be allowed in UK'

Radical Islamic cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed will not be allowed back into Britain, the Government has insisted after reports emerged he intends to claim asylum in the UK.

Omar Bakri Mohammed pictured in 2001 in London. Credit: Reuters

The extremist preacher faces the death sentence for running a terror cell in Lebanon and claims he has been tortured, according to reports. Family members have said they are launching an urgent appeal to allow him back into Britain under asylum laws.

A Home Office spokesman said: "Omar Bakri Muhammad was permanently excluded from the UK in 2005 on the grounds that his presence is not conducive to the public good.

"As Omar Bakri Muhammad is excluded from the UK, he will be unable to make a claim for asylum."

RNLI: The men were 'lucky' to be rescued

The nine men were "lucky" to be rescued from the choppy seas as their vessel had lost power according to the RNLI Dover boathouse manager.

An all weather lifeboat. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Tony Hawkins said: "The vessel had suffered engine failure and its occupants were drifting in choppy seas with a force four wind blowing.

He added: "They were lucky. They were drifting in an incredibly busy stretch of water with the wind picking up. We're glad everyone is safe and well.

"They were spotted by passing vessels concerned for their safety which called the Coastguard. The occupants were cold but didn't need medical attention.

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