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Mexico says tax will make US consumers pay for wall

Luis Videgaray said US consumers will be hit by the tax. Credit: AP

Mexico's Foreign Relations Secretary, Luis Videgaray, said President Donald Trump's plan for a 20% tax on imports will make "US consumers pay".

"A tax on Mexican imports to the United States is not a way to make Mexico pay for the wall, but a way to make the North American consumer pay for it through more expensive avocados, washing machines, televisions," Videgaray said.

The Mexican economy minister, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, echoed Videgaray's comments warning that the tax would not work and hit America's consumers.

Mexico is one of America's biggest trade partners and the US is the number one buyer from the country, accounting for approximately 80% of exports from the country.


Trump warns he'll 'send in the Feds' over homicides

President Donald Trump has said he will send in the federal government if Chicago cannot reduce its "carnage" of gun violence.

The US president appeared to be citing figures published by the Chicago Tribune, which were disputed by spokesman, Frank Giancamilli.

The president did not specify how the federal government could intervene.

Trump's comments come as he is expected to sign orders on matters of national security policy including the building of a wall on the border of Mexico.

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