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Astronauts can now enjoy 'out-of-this-world' espresso

Astronauts on the International Space Station can now enjoy fresh Italian espresso, thanks to an experimental coffee machine.

Over the weekend, Italian spacefarer Samantha Cristoforetti, fired up the contraption and had the first interstellar shot of Java.

She posted a photo of herself on Twitter on Sunday, sipping from a cup designed for use in zero-gravity.

For the special occasion, she put on her Star Trek uniform top. She could not resist tweeting the phrase "to boldly brew".

The fresh brew will be seen as a welcome treat on board the space station, as its inhabitants usually have to suffer pouches of Nasa's instant coffee - drunk through a straw - for their regular caffeine fix.


Out of control cargo ship unable to dock with ISS

An unmanned cargo ship will not dock with the International Space Station because of problems after it launched, the head of the Russian space agency said.

The Progress space freighter blasts off, pictured in 2011. Credit: Reuters

Igor Komarov, head of Roscosmos, listed a series of problems that had made the Progress freighter tumble out of control since early yesterday and added: "Because of this, the craft's continued flight and its docking with the ISS is not possible."

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