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BT ridiculed after thousands lose internet connection

BT have been ridiculed on Twitter today after thousands of frustrated customers complained about internet outage.

The technical problem lasted several hours, prompting angry users to post tong-in-cheek complaints on social media.

The company, which provides broadband to seven million UK subscribers, said it was unable to say how many customers had been affected.

A BT spokeswoman said the problem has now been fixed. "There were problems with our broadband service earlier today but they were resolved. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused," she said.


'Over half' of parents do not use internet filters

Some 53% of parents do not use controls designed to stop their children from looking at violent or pornographic imagery, campaigners for greater online safety found.

The Internet Matters campaign also found:

  • Another 48% of parents would prefer information about child internet safety to be available online.
  • Some 58% of parents haven't applied any passwords.
  • And 55% of parents don't monitor their child's internet usage.

Internet safety website for parents launched

Telecommunications giants Sky, BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk have launched a one-stop hub website aimed at teaching parents how about internet safety.

Some 74% of said they wanted to know more about internet safety for their children. Credit: PA

The website was set up after the Internet Matters campaign found almost three-quarters (74%) of the 1,500 parents they spoke to said they wanted to know more about how to protect their children online.

The campaign, which is funded by the four internet service providers but operates independently, aims to remove uncertainty and provide parents with access to simple, current and practical advice.

Singer Sophie Ellis Bexter and her mother Janet will push the button to set the Internet Matters portal live at the launch event at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London, later today.

Vladimir Putin says the internet is a 'CIA project'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Ukraine against using the army on its own population Credit: Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin has derided the internet as a Central Intelligence Agency project and has pledged to protect Russia's interests online.

According to the Associated Press, Putin mocked the World Wide Web at a media forum in St. Petersburg, claiming that it was "originally a CIA project" and is "still developing as such".

The Kremlin has long sought greater controls over the internet as many opposition activists, who are banned from state media, use the medium to promote their views and organise protests.


Dating site calls for browser boycott over anti-gay CEO

The page OK Cupid users get if they try to access the site via the Firefox browser. Credit: OK Cupid

A major online dating site has called for a boycott of Mozilla Firefox after the world's second most popular internet browser named a gay marriage opponent as chief executive.

OkCupid visitors who accessed the website through Firefox on Monday were told in a message to use other browsers such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Google's Chrome.

"Mozilla's new CEO, Brendan Eich, is an opponent of equal rights for gay couples," the message said. "We would therefore prefer that our users not use Mozilla software to access OkCupid."

Christian Rudder, an OkCupid co-founder told Reuters: "We have users who are trying to find other people and we wanted to point out that this browser might be in conflict with their own values."

Age checks 'should be carried out by pornography sites'

Age checks should be carried out by pornography websites before granting access to users, an industry regulator said.

Atvod found that 6% of children aged under 15 had accessed an adult website. Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Laws need to be changed in order to protect children from seeing adult material on the internet, online video regulator Atvod, the Authority for Television on Demand, said.

Research for Atvod found that 6% of children aged 15 or under had accessed an adult website over the course of a month.

One pornography website was visited by 112,000 boys in the UK aged between 12 and 17, while some 5% of visitors to adult sites were under 18.

The statistics emerged after the online habits of 45,000 desktop computers and laptops were monitored over a month, with volunteers reflecting a cross-section of the population.

Computer used to create Web goes on display

A computer used by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee to devise the World Wide Web has gone on display at the Science Museum in London.

To celebrate the web's 25th anniversary, the NeXT cube computer will go on display in the 'Making the Modern World gallery' at the museum.

The NeXT cube computer used by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Credit: Science Museum

Baroness Martha Lane Fox, who created a charity wanting to make the UK the most digitally skilled nation, attended an event yesterday celebrating the computer going on display in London.

Baroness Martha Lane Fox with the computer. Credit: Science Museum

On March 12 1989, Sir Tim wrote a paper called "Information Management: A Proposal" which aimed for a "universal linked information system" and sent it to his fellow colleagues.

Mike Sendall, Sir Tim's boss, said the paper was "vague but very exciting."

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