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'Enough is enough' IOC tells Fifa

The International Olympic Committee has forcefully told Fifa to get its house in order in the wake of the latest suspensions.

The IOC said in a statement that football's governing body had to act urgently to address the "structural problem" in Fifa in order to restore stability and credibility".

Enough is enough. We hope that now, finally, everyone at FIFA has at last understood that they cannot continue to remain passive. They must act swiftly to regain credibility because you cannot forever dissociate the credibility of FIFA from the credibility of football.

FIFA must realise that this is now about more than just a list of candidates. This is also a structural problem and will not be solved simply by the election of a new President.

They must do two things immediately: they must accelerate and deepen the reform process in order to comply with accountability, transparency and all the principles of good governance, as expressed in our reform programme, Olympic Agenda 2020.

They should also be open for a credible external presidential candidate of high integrity, to accomplish the necessary reforms and bring back stability and credibility to FIFA'.

– International Olympic Committee statement

IOC warns Rio it risks missing deadline for 2016 Games

The International Olympic Committee has sent a clear warning to the organisers of the Rio 2016 Games that "every second counts" after visiting the Brazilian city.

With just over two years to go, the IOC said that a "constant, concerted and integrated effort is required for the successful delivery of the Games and its legacy".

It added: "Although progress is being made, each decision that is postponed and each subsequent delay will have a negative impact on delivery. Total focus and dedication are therefore required."

ITV News' Brazil correspondent Nick Ravenscroft, who was at the news conference, tweeted:

Queen's effigy and UK flags burned in Argentina protest

The protest was the latest by the Quebracho group, which has rallied for the Falkland Islands to be handed over to Argentina. Credit: REUTERS/Martin Acosta

Argentinian protesters have burned an effigy of the Queen amid anti-British demonstrations ahead of an announcement of the host city for the 2020 Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

Around 250 demonstrators burned flags and chanted against British involvement in the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The IOC will elect the host city for the 2020 Summer Games later today, deciding between bids from Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo.


IOC drops wrestling from the 2020 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has dropped wrestling from the 2020 Olympic Games.

The IOC's ruling committee looked at a number of sports and decided to retain the modern pentathlon - which was viewed as being most at risk - and remove wrestling instead.

Wrestling has been dropped as a sport at the 2012 Olympic Games. Credit: EMPICS Sport/EMPICS Sport

It will now have to compete with other sports including baseball/softball, squash and karate to be added back into the programme when the full IOC session meets in September.

IOC communications director Mark Adams told a news conference, "The executive board recommended that wrestling not be included on the list of 25 core sports and it now joins shortlisted sports vying for inclusion on the 2020 Olympics programme as an additional sport".