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iPhones 'can be fooled with photo of fingerprint'

Apple's new fingerprint scanners can be fooled using a photograph of the owner's finger, according to hackers.

iPhone 5s
The new iPhone 5s come with fingerprint technology for extra security. Credit: Reuters

Germany-based Chaos Computer Club (CCC) claim they have bypassed the iPhone 5s' new security feature only three days after its launch.

The group used a latex "fake finger" slide made using an image taken from a glass surface.

One hacker using the alias Starbug said: "As we have said now for more than years, fingerprints should not be used to secure anything... You can leave them anywhere."

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Apple sells nine million iPhones in three days

Apple has sold a record-breaking nine million new iPhone 5s and 5c models in three days.

Line of iPhone 5c handsets
The iPhone 5c was the cheaper of the two models released on Friday. Credit: PA

The two new handsets were released on Friday along with the technology giant's latest operating system iOS 7.

More than 200 million phones and tablets are already running iOS 7, making it the fastest software upgrade in history.

The new software introduces a redesigned user interface, fingerprint sensitive security and a new control centre for easy access to common settings.

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New iPhones advertised for up to £2,000 on eBay

The newly released iPhone 5S is being offered for sale on eBay for as much as £2,000 by those anticipating enthusiastic fans will pay over the odds to get their hands on the device.

Listings for the new iPhone 5S on eBay
Listings for the new iPhone 5S on eBay Credit: eBay

The wait for the new handset finally ended yesterday as thousands of people streamed through the doors of Apple stores around the country, many of them having camped out for days.

But with hundreds of listings on eBay for the device with fixed prices running into the thousands, it appears that those that have already bought it are hoping to cash in and make a hefty profit.

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Apple promises fix after iPhone security glitch claims

Apple has said it will "deliver a fix" after claims that hackers can bypass the security lockscreen on iPhones that use the company's newly-launched iOS 7 software.

Models of the new iPhone 5S
Models of the new iPhone 5S Credit: UK, Australian and New Zealand rights only

The reported security glitch means that the phone's lockscreen can be bypassed, giving hackers access to texts, emails and photos along with users' Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The problem was discovered soon after iOS 7 became publicly available on Wednesday, but appears to only be an issue with the iPhone 4S and 5 handsets.

A spokesman for Apple told the Guardian: "Apple takes user security very seriously.

"We are aware of this issue, and will deliver a fix in a future software update."

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Dedicated Apple fans 'love' new iPhone 5S


Loving the iPhone 5s. Can finally use my finger for something useful #iphone5s #fingerprintid #apple

Family spend £2,000 on four new iPhones

The new Apple iPhone 5S is displayed. Credit: Kay Nietfeld/DPA/Press Association Images

Brother and sister Olly and Charlotte McIlroy, from Bexleyheath, spent more than £2,000 on four handsets for their family.

The pair were drawn to the 5S Touch ID technology which allows users to unlock their phone with the touch of a finger.

The queue snaked around a packed Regent's Park, with several people carrying tents and energy drinks as they made their way towards the store from 8am.

Teen celebrates new iPhone after camping for four days

Customers have been camped outside the Apple store on Regent Street since Monday. Credit: PA Wire

A teenager was the first through the doors at Apple's London flagship store on Regent Street to buy the latest iPhone.

Noah Green, 17, who has been camped out since 4pm on Monday, emerged from the store 20 minutes after the doors opened to rapturous applause.

Noah, clutching a limited edition gold device, said: "It's the best feeling in the world. I'm the first in the United Kingdom and I have the best phone."

He said he turned down offers of up to £5,000 for his prime spot in the queue, saying he would only consider giving up his place for £10,000.

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