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Moderates and reformists win majority in Iran's Assembly of Experts

The results are seen as a boost for President Rouhani and his reformist allies. Credit: Reuters

Moderates and reformists in Iran have won a majority of seats in the Assembly of Experts, which elects the country's most powerful official - the Supreme Leader.

It is seen as a boost to President Rouhani, but a large blow to Iran's hardliners, with two prominent conservative clerics, losing their seats in the 88-member assembly.

The moderates and reformists won 59 percent of the assembly's seats throughout the country.

In the capital Tehran, they won 15 out of the 16 seats available.

ITV News Middle East News Editor tweeted that it was a "major victory" for President Rouhani.

The new make-up of the Assembly of Experts is seen as particularly significant due to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's reported ill-health.

The vote for members of the Assembly of Experts was also held on the same day as Iran's parliamentary elections.

The elections were the first since international sanctions were lifted in July after a significant nuclear deal with a group of world powers that include the UK and US.


Counting underway as polls close in Iran

Counting is finally underway following extended polling in Iran Credit: REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi/TIM

The counting of tens of millions of votes is underway in Iran this evening after the polls closed in the nation's first election since a landmark nuclear deal with world powers was struck last year.

Polling was extended five times and ran nearly six hours longer than originally planned due to a high turnout.

The twinned elections for parliament and the leadership body called the Assembly of Experts could be pivotal as experts suggest the outcome will have a "crucial impact" on where the country is heading.

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