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Counting underway as polls close in Iran

Counting is finally underway following extended polling in Iran Credit: REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi/TIM

The counting of tens of millions of votes is underway in Iran this evening after the polls closed in the nation's first election since a landmark nuclear deal with world powers was struck last year.

Polling was extended five times and ran nearly six hours longer than originally planned due to a high turnout.

The twinned elections for parliament and the leadership body called the Assembly of Experts could be pivotal as experts suggest the outcome will have a "crucial impact" on where the country is heading.


Iran polls extended further amid large turnout

Voting has been extended a fourth time in Iran's national elections amid big demand at polling stations.

Iran extends elections because of 'rush of voters'

A woman casts her ballot in Tehran today Credit: Reuters

Iran has extended today's crucial twin elections for parliament and the Assembly of Experts until 8pm local time, after experiencing a "rush of voters," state TV reports.

"Polling hours have been extended by two hours until 8pm," (1630 GMT) state TV quoted the interior ministry as saying.

Iran ex-president says elections will have 'crucial impact'

Iran's former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has told ITV News International Affairs Editor Rageh Omaar that today's elections will have a "crucial impact" on where the country is heading.

The influential politician spoke as he cast his vote is in Tehran, where Iranians are turning out to the polls in their thousands.


Thousands of Iranians cast their votes in Tehran

Polling stations across the Iranian capital Tehran were filled with thousands of voters today as the country votes in crucial twin elections to decide parliament and a leadership body.

Voters outside the Hosseinieh Ershad polling station Credit: ITV News
Voters outside the Hosseinieh Ershad polling station Credit: ITV News
Iranians cast their votes in Friday's crucial elections Credit: ITV News

'High turnout' in Iran elections

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said he had reports of a high turnout in the country's crucial elections today - the first since last year's nuclear agreement, the official IRNA news agency reported.

Credit: ITV News

"Election is a symbol of the political independence of a country. By voting, people decide the future of their country ... reports shows a high turnout in the elections," Rouhani was quoted as saying after casting his vote.

Credit: ITV News

The twin elections are for a parliament and a leadership body.

Rouhani is running for the Assembly of Experts, which has the task of appointing and dismissing the country's most powerful figure, the supreme leader.

Polls open in Iran as pivotal election gets underway

THe first votes have already been cast in Iran's pivotal election Credit: RTV

Voters cast the first votes in Iran's pivotal election this morning as the country's supreme leader urged the public to turn out at the polls.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei advised the nation "to cast their votes early" and "choose their candidates wisely" as voting began for the parliamentary and Assembly of Experts election.

The contest will pits supporters of Rouhani, who championed last year's nuclear deal with world powers, against conservative opponents who are reportedly deeply opposed to detente with Western powers.

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