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Forty prisoners escape in Iraq prison break

Forty prisoners have reportedly escaped from a jail in eastern Iraq today after staging a violent prison break.

A spokesman for Iraq's interior ministry, Saad Maan, confirmed that guards at Al-Khalis prison had gone to investigate a fight that had broken out between inmates when they were overpowered and had their weapons taken.

According to reports 12 police officers and 50 prisoners were killed during the escape attempt.

Islamic State militants 'kill 25 Yazidi prisoners'

File photo: A displaced Yazidi family, including a fighter, near Mount Sinjar. Credit: Reuters

Islamic State militants have reportedly shot at least 25 captive Yazidis at a prison camp in northern Iraq.

The killings took place at a prison camp near the town of Tal Afar, some 90 miles east of the Syrian border, a Yazidi politician has said.

Mahma Khalil said he spoke to four different people with knowledge of what happened inside of the camp, though a reason for the killings still was not immediately apparent.

"The militants want to spread horror among them to force them to convert to Islam or to do something else," Mr Khalil said.

He added that those killed included men, women and the elderly. He said he believes some 1,400 other Yazidis are still held in the camp.


At least 22 people killed in bomb attacks across Iraq

Several explosions across Iraq killed at least 22 people on Sunday. Credit: APTN

At least 22 people have been killed in explosions across Iraq, including a suicide car bomb attack on a military post in western Anbar province, police and medical sources told Reuters news agency.

The deadliest attack came when a car packed with explosives was detonated at an army checkpoint near the town of al-Nukhaib, an outpost on the route to Syria and Saudi Arabia, killing at least seven soldiers.

Another six people were killed and 17 others wounded when a car bomb went off near Khilani Square in central Baghdad.

Ukip: Chilcot inquiry delays 'completely unjustifiable'

Ukip deputy chairwoman Suzanne Evans Credit: PA Wire

"Endless delays" in the publishing of the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq War are "completely unjustifiable", Ukip deputy chairwoman Suzanne Evans said.

Speaking at a small business policy briefing in central London, Evans added: "That's nothing new, is it? We have been calling for it for some time.

"We have had a petition online actually, asking for it to be published. What are they so frightened of?

"It seems to have been beset by endless delays, which seem to me to be completely unjustifiable.

"I think our response is exactly the same as it was a couple of months ago - that it's about time it was out.

"We have always felt they were going to kick it into the long grass until after the election. Once again they are showing that's exactly what they intend to do."

Clegg: 'Bewildered and beyond dismay' over Iraq inquiry

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said he was "dismayed beyond belief" at the reported delay of the Chilcot inquiry findings.

Speaking on the election trail in St Ives, Clegg said: "I'm just dismayed beyond belief that we are having to wait so long - and now, it is being reported, even longer than I had feared - to finally find out the truth of what happened in the run-up to that fateful - and what I have always considered, personally, to be illegal - invasion of Iraq."


Irbil car bomb kills three outside US consulate

A car bomb that exploded outside the US consulate in Irbil - the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan - has killed three people and injured 14 more.

No Americans were hurt in the attack, for which ISIS has claimed responsibility.

According to the US State Department, a 'vehicle-borne improvised explosive device' went off outside the entrance to the heavily-fortified compound.

An eyewitness claimed the blast was followed by gunfire and sent a column of black smoke high above the Ankawa district, a predominantly Christian neighbourhood packed with cafes popular with foreigners.

Islamic State also claimed responsibility for two car bombings in Baghdad that killed at least 27 people on Friday.

IS claim responsibility for Irbil consulate attack

The so-called Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack outside the US consulate in Irbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, the jihadist monitoring group SITE said.

It cited an Islamic State account on Twitter saying fighters from its Kirkuk division "were able to detonate a car bomb on the building of the American Consulate in the city, which led to killing and wounding many of them".

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