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Iraqi forces 'close' to main government complex in Mosul

Iraqi security forces launch a rocket against Islamic State militants in Mosul. Credit: AP /Khalid Mohammed

Iraqi forces are closing in on the main government complex in Mosul, according to a commander quoted by Reuters news agency.

Colonel Abdel Amir al-Mohammadawi said the complex, which houses the Nineveh Provincial Council and the Nineveh Governorate buildings, is the military's next target in the offensive to dislodge Islamic State from the city.

Meanwhile, Iraqi troops came under a wave of suicide bomb attacks from IS militants as they battled for control of Mosul, Associated Press reports..

Major General Haider al-Maturi, of the Federal Police Commandos Division, said so-called Islamic State militants dispatched at least six suicide car bombs, which were all destroyed before reaching the troops, as they edged closer to the government complex in the west of the city.

He said militants were also moving from house to house and deploying snipers in heavy clashes with troops.

The Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen TV aired live footage showing thick black smoke almost covering the sky amid a heavy exchange of fire.


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