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Three Iraqi army helicopters land in rebel-held Tikrit

Three Iraq Air Force helicopters landed inside the university stadium of rebel-controlled Tikrit city, security sources said, as the army attempts to fight the Sunni militants that have taken control of large parts of the north of the country.

Video: Iraq army soldiers captured in Tikrit

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said fighting centred around the university compound. Tikrit in northern Iraq fell to Sunni insurgents on June 12

New recruits for Iraq's army arrive in Baghdad


New recruits arrive at base in Baghdad to sign up for Iraqi army and fight ISIS. Thousands join each day, we are told


Thousands of new recruits continue to stream into Baghad to join Iraq's army, as it attempts to defeat Isis-led Sunni fighters.

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Kurdistan government: Isis 'knows no boundaries'

Islamist militant group Isis "knows no boundaries" and should be a concern for "the entire world" , a spokesman for the Kurdistan regional government has said.

Safeen Dizayee told ITV News Senior International Correspondent John Irvine that the Kurds had done their best to help put back together the 'Humpty Dumpty' of Iraq, but that they now faced a "very angry Frankenstein" in the form of Isis.

He also criticised the government in Baghdad, who he said had left Kurdistan's military under-resourced for a possible battle with Isis.

Cardiff mosque denies radicalising British Isis pair

Reyaad Khan, left, and Nasser Muthana, centre, are said to have been Credit: Isis

A mosque attended by two British jihadis fighting with Islamist rebels in Syria has denied teaching extremist ideologies.

According to Sky News, the Al-Manar Centre in Cardiff has confirmed that two men who appeared alongside a third Briton in an Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (Isis) propaganda video had visited the mosque.

Nasser Muthana and Reyaad Khan, both from the Welsh city, featured prominently in the video by Isis, which urged Muslims in the West to join their fight.

However, the mosque denied it encouraged members to take up arms to join extremists abroad.

In a statement reported by the broadcaster, the Al-Manar Centre said: "It is worth mentioning that ACT's stance is well known, that we are opposed to going to Syria or any other country, to participate in an armed struggle and have always made this clear."


Isis militants 'parade captured military equipment'

Islamist militants in Iraq have paraded captured US-made military equipment, ITV News Senior International Correspondent John Irvine has reported.


Nightmare scenario plays out in #Mosul, #Iraq during John #Kerry visit as #ISIS parades convoy of seized US weapons and military vehicles

Some of the troops in the convoy of captured equipment also appear to be children.

ITV News News Editor Johnathan Wald also reports:


#ISIS child recruits on back of a pick-up truck appear to be only 10 yrs old - seen sitting in convoy of seized US armoury in #Mosul, #Iraq

More: Pentagon denies US drone strikes on Isis targets in Iraq

Pentagon denies US drone strikes on Isis targets in Iraq

The US Department of Defense has said that there is "no truth to the rumours" that its drones have attacked militant targets in Iraq.

Rear Admiral John Kirby, the Pentagon Press Secretary has tweeted:


No truth to rumors in media today that US drones struck ISIL targets in Iraq.

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