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Roads submerged as Hurricane Isaac moves along US Gulf

Large parts of Biloxi, an area east of New Orleans, have been left under water. This image posted on Twitter shows how some main roads are completely submerged.



Reports of 12ft of water in homes in New Orleans

Local radio station is told that "it doesn't matter if the levels have given way or if they are "over-topping," as there are already reports of 10-12ft of water in homes in Braithwaite in New Orleans.


AUDIO: Billy Nunguesser: Doesn't matter if levee is breached or overtopped, there is 10-12 ft of water in Braithwaite

Flash flood warnings as levees struggle to cope with Hurricane Isaac

There have been warnings of flash floods as levees have started to be overwhelmed water around New Orleans, meteorologists and radio stations have been keeping residents up to date on Twitter:


Flash Flood Warning for Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard and St. Charles Parish in LA until 6:45am Wednesday. #lawx


NWS reports: A back levee in Plaquemines Parish is being overtopped..some evacuations underway


Nunguesser: Massive overtopping Eastbank levee in Scarsdale area.. "Cant tell ya" if levee is breached or not

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