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German terror suspect 'may have plotted football attack'

Officials said the man may have plotted an attack on the Bundesliga championships Credit: Reuters

German special forces have arrested a Syrian refugee on suspicion of plotting an attack inspired by the so-called Islamic State.

The 24-year-old is suspected being member of the terror group and of planning an attack at the start of the Bundesliga season - the equivalent of the Premier League.

The man was arrested in Mutterstadt in the western state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

"There are indications that something is being planned for the start of the Bundesliga season," a interior ministry spokesman for the region told AFP.

However in a separate statement the ministry added there was currently "no evidence of a concrete threat".

Five US personnel injured fighting Islamic State

US personnel board a Chinook helicopter in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan in 2014 Credit: Reuters

Five US service personnel were injured while partnering with Afghan special forces in clearing areas controlled by Islamic State in Afghanistan, the U.S. military commander in that country has revealed.

Army General John Nicholson said two of the service members have been returned to duty, while three others were evacuated from Nangarhar province, but are "in good spirits."


Iraqi families seen fleeing Fallujah

Women and children were seen arriving at a refugee camp. Credit: APTN

Hundreds of Iraqi families have been seen fleeing the city of Fallujah as Iraqi forces continued to retake the city from so-called Islamic State.

Government officials have said they were receiving hundreds of internally displaced families on a daily basis, and are transferring them to safe areas.

Aid groups have feared up to 50,000 civilians are still trapped inside the besieged city, which has been under IS control for over two years.

Fallujah is the last major city in western Iraq that was still held by the extremist group.

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