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24 killed and 50 injured in three bombings in Baghdad

Credit: EBU

More than 20 people were killed and around 50 injured in three separate bombings that hit Baghdad on Monday, police and medical personnel said.

Twelve people were killed and more than 20 injured when a car bomb blew up in the northern Shaab Shi'ite district.

Eight were killed and 21 wounded by a suicide bomber who detonated a car near a government building and a police station in the district of Tarmiya.

A third bomb involving a suicide bomber on a motorcycle in Sadr City killed three people and injured nine.

The attacks came as Iraqi forces and Shi'ite militias fought so-called Islamic State militants in Falluja, around 66 km west of the capital.

Iraq army storm the southern edge of Falluja

The Iraqi army has launch a massive assault on the city of Falluja Credit: AP / Khalid Mohammed

The Iraqi army has stormed the southern edge of Falluja under US air support, and captured a police station inside the city limits.

An elite military unit, the Rapid Response Team, is leading what is shaping up to be the biggest assault ever fought against the so-called Islamic State.

Explosions and gun fire was reportedly seen in Naimiya, a district of Falluja on its southern outskirts.

A convoy of armed vehicles is seen driving into Falluja Credit: AP

Separately, Kurdish security forces announced advances against IS in northern Iraq, capturing villages from militants outside Mosul, the biggest city under militant control.


Four suspected Islamic State members arrested in Denmark

Police said weapons were found in searches following the arrests Credit: Reuters

Four suspected Islamic State (IS) members have been arrested in Denmark, police have announced.

Ammunition and weapons were found in a connected search after the arrests near the capital Copenhagen, the police later tweeted.

It said those held were suspected of plotting to commit violence after recruitment by the Syrian branch of the terrorist group.

"The arrests took place as part of efforts to combat people enlisting in terrorist groups in the war-torn areas in Syria and northern Iraq," the police said in a statement on Thursday.

They declined to confirm the identities of the four suspects, who will appear before a judge on Friday, or the details of the allegations against them.


Hammond: Jihadi sanctions send 'important message'

The Foreign Secretary has defended the government's decision to add four Britons to a UN sanctions list that targets al-Qaeda and Islamic State operatives.

Speaking to ITV News, Philip Hammond said that the sanctions "sent an important message" to other potential home-grown terrorists and demonstrated that the UK had a sanctions regime.

"It will prevent others from travelling around the world," he said.

The four Britons - Omar Hussain from High Wycombe, Nasser Muthana from Cardiff, Aqsa Mahmood from Glasgow and Sally-Anne Jones from Chatham - are suspected of leading recruitment drives and plotting terror attacks against the UK and elsewhere from strongholds in Syria. They will be subject to a global asset freeze and travel ban.

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