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Witnesses describe moment gunmen start firing

Witnesses have described the moment of terror when at least one gunman opened fire in Tel Aviv.

Three people are dead after attacks in two locations close to the popular open-air Sharona market.

Jerusalem resident Avraham Liber said it looked like one of the gunmen was sitting down at a cafe.

He said the shooter got up and started firing at point blank range at people sitting down.

Meital Sassi told Channel 10 TV she was out with her family celebrating her son's birthday when she heard shots and "immediately understood it was a terror attack".

"We ran like lightning with the baby and the stroller ... I yelled at people who didn't understand what was happening to run," she said.

Three killed when two gunmen opened fire in Israel

Ambulances at the scene Credit: APTN

Three people have been killed in a shooting in Tel Aviv when at least two gunmen opened fire, according to Israeli police.

There were reports of shooting in two locations close to the popular open-air Sharona market on Wednesday night, spokeswoman Luba Samri said.

Channel 10 TV said reports indicate that at least one of the attackers was disguised as an ultra-Orthodox Jew with black coat and hat.

Another spokeswoman, Meirav Lapidot, said initial reports showed there were "at least two terrorists".

She said both were "neutralised", which can mean either killed or detained.

Police are searching the area to make sure there are no other attackers or possible bombs.


At least nine wounded in shooting in Israel

The scene of the shooting

At least nine people have been wounded in a shooting in central Tel Aviv.

One person is in a critical condition, Israeli police said, adding the shooting was an apparent attack aimed against Israelis.

The incident occurred in an area of trendy cafes and restaurants very close to the central military headquarters and Defence Ministry compound.

The attack was the first following in lull after almost daily street attacks by Palestinians against Israelis which began in October and lasted several months.

Israeli police shoot dead alleged Palestinian attacker

Israeli security forces shot dead a Palestinian man today after he reportedly stabbed two police officers in Jerusalem.

Police shot dead the man after he wounded two officers in a knife attack Credit: Reuters

The alleged attacker was shot by officers after an assault on two officers outside the walled Old City.

Israeli police described the man as a "terrorist," saying he had "stabbed and lightly wounded" his victims.

"The team responded by gunfire and neutralised the terrorist," police spokeswoman Luba Samri said.

In a continued state of heightened violence, 164 Palestinians and 28 Israelis have been killed since October.


Ex-Israeli PM Olmert makes video plea before entering jail

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert released a video statement insisting on his innocence before entering prison to begin a 19-month sentence for corruption.

Ehud Olmert, who appeared in a blue shirt in his video plea, will wear a prison uniform and have two cellmates but will be segregated from the general prison population for security reasons. Credit: RTV

The 70-year-old - who was credited with working towards peace with the Palestinians while in office from 2006 to 2009 - is the first former head of government in Israel to go to prison.

"As prime minister I was charged with the highest responsibility of safeguarding Israel's citizens. Today I am the one to be locked behind bars," he said in a video released to the media.

Olmert entered Maasiyahu prison near Ramle, south of Tel Aviv, after arriving in a motorcade protected by bodyguards assigned to former leaders. Credit: Reuters

"At this time, it is important for me to say once more, as I did in court and outside it, that I completely deny the bribery charges I was accused of," Olmert said in the video.

Olmert had his initial six-year sentence cut by Israel's Supreme Court in December. A separate eight-month jail term is pending since his conviction last May in another case related to cash payments he was alleged to have received from an American businessman.

Palestinian woman shot dead by Israeli security forces

The incident happened near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. Credit: Google Maps

A Palestinian woman who allegedly tried to stab a soldier was shot dead by Israeli security forces on Saturday, Israel's military has said.

No Israelis were injured in the attack, which happened in the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank.

"An assailant drew a knife and attempted to stab a soldier," the army said in a statement. "Responding to the attack, forces fired at the perpetrator, resulting in her death."

The army said the incident occurred near Hebron's shared religious site known to Jews as the Cave of the Patriarchs and to Muslims as the Ibrahimi Mosque, a site of frequent friction between the sides.

Since the start of October, 27 Israelis have been killed during a series of stabbings, shootings and car-rammings. According to Israeli authorities, at least 158 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in the same period.

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