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At least two dead after multiple Israel attacks

The scene of a bus stabbing in Jerusalem. Credit: RTV

At least two people were killed after Palestinian men armed with knives and guns launched a string of attacks in various parts of Israel, police said.

In one incident, two Palestinians shot and stabbed passengers on a Jerusalem bus, killing one and injuring five, according to Israeli media. Ambulance services said one of the attackers was killed and another captured.

Just a few minutes later, a Palestinian rammed his car into a bus stop in the centre of the city, before getting out and stabbing pedestrians. Police said at least one was killed and several were wounded, while the attackers fate was unclear.

The Jerusalem attacks followed two in the Ranaana suburb near Tel Aviv.

The first saw an Israeli man stabbed and lightly wounded on a shopping street, with amateur video later showing the alleged attacker being kicked and beaten on the ground.

Within an hour, another person wielding a knife wounded four people in Ranaana, according to police and local media reports.

Several wounded in two Jerusalem attacks

One people have died and at least four people have been hurt after separate stabbing and shooting attacks in Jerusalem, Associated Press reports, citing Israeli police.

Israel Defence Forces appeared to confirm the two attacks, saying in one incident an attacker had run over and stabbed four civilians at a bus stop.

It said that in another shooting and stabbing attack on a bus, several people had been injured.

It added the attackers had been shot in both instances.


Israeli police shoot man dead in Jerusalem

Israeli police have shot dead a man who tried to stab one of them in East Jerusalem.

Tension has increased in Jerusalem in recent weeks Credit: Reuters

Police said their officers killed the man after he attacked an Israeli trooper who had tried to search him. The trooper's protective vest save him from injury.

The incident on Monday in a part of Jerusalem's Old City is the latest in a spate of Palestinian street attacks, police said. Tensions have risen because of the increased number of Jews visiting a site nearby holy to both Muslims and Jews.

John Kerry 'deeply concerned' over Israel-Palestine clashes

US Secretary of State John Kerry has spoken separately to Israeli and Palestinian leaders to express "deep concern over the recent wave of violence".

A Palestinian protester returns a tea gas canister fired by Israeli troops during clashes. Credit: Reuters

In a statement the Department of State said Kerry "reiterated the importance of strongly condemning violence and combating incitement."

It comes after four Palestinian teenagers were killed and five Israelis wounded on Saturday, as violent outbursts between the two sides escalate.

Israeli security forces shot dead two Palestinians aged 12 and 15 in protests along Gaza's border fence, Palestinian medics said, and Israeli police said they had killed three knife-wielding Palestinian assailants in Jerusalem.

Two separate knife attacks were carried out on Saturday near Damascus Gate, one of the main entries into Jerusalem’s Old City.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas have called for calm, but there has been little sign of the violence abating.


Israeli air force strikes Gaza after two rocket attacks

Israeli warplanes hit three targets in Gaza following earlier rocket attacks launched at Israel, officials have said.

The Israeli Defence Force say that the Iron Dome defence system intercepted one rocket and another exploded in an open area in the city of Sderot.

Reuters say the overnight air strikes targeted two training camps belonging to the Islamist group Hamas, causing no injuries.

Haaretz report that a group calling itself the Omar Brigades, which identifies with the so-called Islamic State, took responsibility for the rocket fire, but the IDF said in a statement that Hamas must carry "the responsibility" for the attack.

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