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Israeli woman killed, two wounded in West Bank attack

Israeli police said a woman was killed by an attacker at a bus stop in the West Bank. Credit: RTV

Israeli police said a woman in her mid-20s was killed while two other people were wounded during a stabbing attack in the West Bank.

The woman was killed when a man stepped out of a car at a bus stop in front of the Alon Shvut settlement, then stabbed three people before he was shot by a security guard. The attacker is in a serious condition.

'Israeli girl killed' after stabbing attack in West Bank

Security officials at the scene of the stabbing in the West Bank settlement of Alon Shvut. Credit: RTV

A teenage girl has been killed in a stabbing attack in the West Bank in which the suspected Palestinian attacker was shot, according to Israel's national rescue service.

The girl was stabbed along with two other Israelis at a bus stop outside the West Bank settlement of Alon Shvut. The attacker was shot and wounded by a security guard at the scene.

Israel Defense Forces Spokesman Peter Lerner said on Twitter it was a "sad day".


Three Israelis stabbed during attack in the West Bank

Three Israelis have reportedly been stabbed at the Alon Shvut junction. Credit: Sellem Marc Israel/ABACA/Press Association Images

Three Israelis have reportedly been stabbed during an attack at the Alon Shvut junction in the Gush Etzion area of the West Bank, just hours after a soldier was left in a "grave condition" when he was also stabbed in a Tel Aviv train station.

The suspected terrorist who carried out the stabbing in the West Bank settlement was shot by a security guard at the scene.

Stabbed Israeli soldier's condition is 'grave'

Officials search the scene in Tel Aviv. Credit: Reuters

An Israeli soldier who was stabbed by a Palestinian in a Tel Aviv train station is in a "grave condition", a hospital spokesman said.

The suspect was arrested at the scene and is currently under police interrogation.

The attack comes after the fatal shooting of an Israeli Arab by a policeman early on Saturday in the town of Kfar Kana, which gave new impetus to the ongoing tensions.

Arab citizens make up some 20% of Israel's population. They enjoy full citizenship but share the ethnicity and culture of the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

They have long complained of discrimination and often identify with Palestinian nationalism, rather than Israeli.

Israel: Thousands protest after deadly police shooting

Israeli Arab youthsclash with Israeli police at the entrance to the town of Kfar Kanna, in northern Israel. Credit: Reuters

Several thousand Israeli Arabs mounted protests after video footage was released showing police shooting dead a 22-year-old Arab who appeared to be retreating from officers when he was hit.

According to the Associated Press, Tyres were set alight and masked men threw rocks and petrol bombs at police on several key roads in northern Israel. Reportedly some demonstrators carried Palestinian flags and shouted anti-Israeli slogans.

Outraged by the police shooting, Arab community leaders in Israel called for a strike Sunday and planned to continue protests. Police said they would increase deployment to prevent further outbursts. The tensions in the north come in addition to those in Jerusalem where Palestinians from the eastern part of the city have been clashing almost daily with police over access to a shrine holy to both Jews and Muslims.

This latest bout of anger anger erupted after an early Saturday morning incident in the Arab village of Kfar Kana in northern Israel.

Police said officers opened fire against a knife-wielding man attempting to stab policemen.

AP report that unknown-sourced footage appeared to portray a different story. The grainy security camera material showed a man repeatedly banging on the window of a police vehicle.

When officers emerged to confront him, he began to backpedal and was then shot. Police evacuated him to hospital where he died.


Israeli forces clash with Palestinians at holy compound

Israeli riot police clashed with Palestinians in Jerusalem's al-Aqsa compound as Jewish worshippers attempted to enter the shrine.

Israeli border police increased their presence near the entrance to the Al-Aqsa compound, revered in Islam and Judaism, as Jewish worshippers prepared to attempt to enter the compound to pray for the recovery of a right activist shot last week by a Palestinian gunman.

Worshippers flee as blasts - possible from stun grenades - are heard at a scared site in Jerusalem Credit: Reuters

Israeli police said Palestinians began throwing stones and firecrackers at police officers minutes before the sacred plaza was to open for visitors.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said officers used stun grenades to disperse the crowd and the situation was now under control.

Omar Alkeswani, a Palestinian manager of the al Aqsa mosque, said police entered mosque - something they deny - and that 20 people were wounded in the clash.

Israeli far-right activist 'shot and wounded' in Jerusalem

Police attend the scene of the shooting in Jerusalem. Credit: RTV

Israeli far-right activist Yehuda Glick has been shot and wounded outside a conference promoting a Jewish campaign to be permitted to pray at an Old City compound holy to both Jews and Muslims, Israeli media reported.

Police would only confirm that a man on a motorcycle had shot and wounded a Jewish man in his 50s outside the Menachem Begin Centre complex located near the walled Old City.

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