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Israel: 80 rockets fired from Gaza since ceasefire ended

Israel says 30 rockets have been fired at its territory from Gaza since midnight, and 80 since the ceasefire ended yesterday.

There have been no reported casualties as a result of the attacks.

Israel's military says it has carried out 60 air strikes on the Gaza Strip since hostilities resumed yesterday, with hospital officials reporting 11 Palestinians killed.

Israel 'attempted to assassinate Hamas military leader'

Hamas says an Israeli bombing of a house in Gaza City last night was an attempt to assassinate its military leader, Mohammed Deif.

Smoke is seen after what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike in Gaza City yesterday. Credit: Reuters

There was no official confirmation from Israel, which has targeted Deif in air strikes at least four times since the mid-1990s, holding him responsible for the deaths of dozens of its citizens in suicide bombings.

"I am convinced that if there was intelligence that Mohammed Deif was not inside the home, then we would not have bombed it," Yaakov Perry, Israel's science minister and former security chief, told Army Radio.

A Hamas official said that Deif does not use the house.

Three bodies were pulled from the rubble. Hospital officials identified them as Deif's wife, his seven-month-old son and a 20-year-old man.


Israel: 10 rockets fired from Gaza in last hour

Israel's military claims 10 rockets have been fired from Gaza in the last hour - adding that the total launched at Israel since the end of the ceasefire is now around 70.

Hamas claims militant leader's wife and child killed

Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip fired rockets at Israel for a second day after fighting resumed with the collapse of truce talks and an Israeli air strike that killed three people in Gaza.

Charging Israel had "opened a gateway to hell," Hamas's armed wing vowed to target Israel's Ben-Gurion International Airport with rocket fire, possibly to retaliate for what Hamas was quoted by Israeli media Haaretz as saying was an Israeli attempt to assassinate its top militant leader, Mohammed Deif, in a Gaza City strike.

It was not clear whether Deif, who has survived previous Israeli attacks, had survived the strike that killed a woman and a two-year-old girl who media reports said may have been his wife and daughter.

Gaza rocket fire 'made continuing talks impossible'

A spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected Palestinian charges that Israel was to blame for a breakdown in ceasefire talks in Cairo, saying rocket fire from Gaza "made continuation of talks impossible."

Spokesman Mark Regev Credit: ITV News

Spokesman Mark Regev responded to Palestinian negotiator Azzam al-Ahmed's charge that Israel had thwarted the talks that broke down after Israel recalled its negotiators from Egypt, accusing Hamas of violating a truce.

"The Cairo process was built on a total and complete cessation of all hostilities and so when rockets were fired from Gaza, not only was it a clear violation of the ceasefire but it also destroyed the premise upon which the talks were based," Regev said.

Lead Palestinian negotiator says peace talks have failed

The head of the Palestinian negotiating team in Cairo said talks for a ceasefire in Gaza had failed and delegates were leaving Egypt.

Azzam al-Ahmed said peace talks had failed. Credit: Reuters

Azzam al-Ahmed of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's mainstream Fatah movement, said: "Israel thwarted the contacts that could have brought peace ... there was an Israeli decision to make the Cairo talks fail."


Aftermath of the Tel Aviv rocket strike pictured

The aftermath of a recent rocket attack on the Israeli city of Tel Aviv can be seen in these pictures.

Dust filled the streets following the strike, although Israel said there were no reported casualties.

Men run through the dust created by a rocket attack on the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. Credit: RTV

Soldiers and rescue workers nonetheless inspected the scene where the rocket struck.

Soldier and rescue workers inspect the scene of a rocket attack on Tel Aviv. Credit: RTV

There they found small parts of the weapon remaining.

Part of the rocket which exploded in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. Credit: RTV

IDF: Open bomb shelters 50 miles away from Gaza

The Israeli military has urged citizens living more than 50 miles away from Gaza to open bomb shelters, as militant fired dozens of rockets when the latest truce broke down.

Hamas said after a deadly Israeli air strikes that it fired 40 rockets at Israel, while Israeli media reported at least 30 strikes, with one person injured.

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