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Court: Berlusconi to work at a center for the elderly

A court in Milan ruled that former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi must visit a centre for the elderly at least once a week as he serves a one-year sentence for tax fraud doing community service.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi . Credit: Press Association Images

The court also set travel restrictions for Berlusconi. The prominent 77-year-old politician will not be allowed to travel outside the Lombardy region where he has his principal residence except for trips to Rome from Tuesdays to Thursdays.


Berlusconi may serve jail term caring for the elderly

Silvio Berlusconi may serve a one-year tax fraud sentence working in a care home for the elderly.

Judges will tomorrow start examining a proposal by Italy's social services agency that could see the former prime minister working at a home just once a week, judicial sources have told Reuters.

Silvio Berlusconi at a press conference in November of last year Credit: Vandeville Eric/ABACA/Press Association Images

Berlusconi was convicted last year in connection to tax fraud at Mediaset, a TV company that he owns.

Although he was initially sentenced to four years, his sentence was commuted to just one, with jail ruled out because of the 77-year-old's age.

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Barack Obama meets Pope Francis for the first time

US President Barack Obama has met Pope Francis for the first time today as he visited the pontiff in Rome.

Barack Obama has met Pope Francis in Rome. Credit: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
It is the first time the US President and pontiff have met. Credit: RTV
Obama is currently on a European tour dominated by the crisis in Ukraine. Credit: RTV

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Lawyer: Mafia boss has 'led blame-free existence'

Domenico Rancadore
Domenico Rancadore has a serious heart condition which would have made prison "very difficult for him", his solicitor says Credit: Reuters

Mafia fugitive Domenico Rancadore has been "misrepresented by the press", his solicitor said following his victory in a battle against extradition.

In a statement, Karen Totner said: "He made a deliberate decision 20 years ago to walk away from the Mafia and all that is associated with it.

"He has led a blame-free existence in the United Kingdom where he has resided peacefully with his wife and family."

She added: "I suspect that this case is not yet over but I hope that this judgment is an indication of a successful final outcome."

Speaking outside court, Ms Totner added that Mr Rancadore has a "serious heart condition so being in prison is very difficult for him".

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Factfile: Domenico Rancadore

Domenico Rancadore was arrested in London in August last year on a European arrest warrant after evading the Italian authorities for 20 years over Mafia connections.

This is what is known about him:

  • 64 years old
  • Went on the run in 1994
  • Lived in west London under false name Marc Skinner, and is married to an English woman
  • Sentenced to seven years in prison in Italy for Mafia connections
  • Believed to have been chief of Sicily's Trabia region for the notorious Cosa Nostra mafia group

Florence ruling 'forced judge to release Mafia boss'

A court sketch of Domenico Rancadore
A court sketch of Domenico Rancadore Credit: Elizabeth Cook/PA Wire

A judge has said his decision to allow Mafia boss Domenico Rancadore to walk free in Britain was made because of a similar ruling in Italy.

In an original draft of his decision, Mr Riddle said he included that he was satisfied the European Arrest Warrant was valid.

However, the judge said he was forced to reverse his decision following the ruling in a similar case involving the Court of Florence and Hayle Abdi Badre.

Mr Riddle said: "The judgment of the administrative court is binding on me [...] I cannot distinguish this case from Badre."

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