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Antonio Conte asks for Italy contract extension

Antonio Conte wants to remain in charge of Italy beyond Euro 2016 and has asked for a two-year contract extension, according to Italian Football Federation president Carlo Tavecchio.

Conte wants to remain in charge of Italy beyond Euro 2016. Credit: PA

The former Juventus coach replaced Cesare Prandelli at the helm of the national team last summer.

Italy are unbeaten under Conte, who is tied to the Azzurri for another year.

"Conte has asked me to extend his contract for a further two years," Tavecchio told the Italian press. "I'm delighted with his request because as everyone knows, I worked hard to get Conte.

"But I can only make commitments during my term as president, not after. It's something that we will consider further on."


Italy arrests Moroccan suspect over Tunisia museum attack

Bulletholes after the attack on the national Bardo museum, in Tunis. Credit: Reuters

Italian police have arrested a Moroccan suspect over an attack at a Tunisian museum which left more than 20 dead.

Two gunmen killed 20 tourists at the Bardo Museum nearly in March, in one of the worst attacks in the North African country that mostly avoided violence since its 2011 uprising against autocrat Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali.

Tourists from Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain were among those killed.


Italian police fear terrorists could be 'hiding amongst migrants'

Italian policemen detain a man suspected to be member of an armed organisation inspired by al Qaeda. Credit: Reuters/Police hand out

Police carrying out a "vast" anti-terrorist operation in Italy are concerned that members of terror groups like Islamic State and al Qaida may be hiding amongst the thousands of migrants that arrive on Europe's shores each week.

Governments across Europe are particularly worried about potential "sleeper" militants, apparently living normal lives in their countries, who may at some point in the future be activated to stage attacks at home or abroad.

Italy: Terror suspects may have been targeting Vatican

talian Policemen detain a man suspected to be member of an armed organisation inspired by al Qaeda in this image taken from a video released by Italian Police Credit: Reuters/Police handout

Some of the Al Qaeda-linked suspects arrested in an anti-terror operation in Italy earlier may have been planning an attack on the Vatican, the Italian prosecutor has said.

Cagliari Chief Prosecutor Mauro Mura told reporters that as well as planning to launch attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the suspects may also have been aiming to target the Holy Catholic City State.

Mura said that, in intercepted telephone calls, investigators had heard the suspects say they would launch a "big jihad in Italy," and other conversations suggested that also suggested a target might be the Vatican.

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