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Poll: 12% of Britons trust Labour most on immigration

Ed Miliband during a visit to B&Q in Great Yarmouth following his immigration speech today. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Just 12% of the public would trust Labour over other political parties when it comes to controlling immigration, a new poll has found.

The finding in the ITV News Index is revealed on the day leader Ed Miliband made a key speech on the issue and was forced to disown a leaked party document telling members to avoid talking about the subject with voters.

Despite heavily criticising Labour's immigration record in office, the Conservatives fared only marginally better on the topic, with 16% of those asked saying they would be the most trusted on the issue.

Ukip were comfortably top of the polling - ahead of the Tories by 21 points on 37%, according to the survey.

Only 3% opted for the Liberal Democrats in the poll of 2,061 adults, while 30% said they did not know.

Public 'not feeling benefit of economic growth'

Only 18% of people feel the upturn has led to an improvement in their living standards. Credit: PA Wire

Seven in ten people in Britain say they are no better off despite the economy growing, a new ITV News/Comres poll has found.

Just 18% of the 2,053 asked felt that their living standards had improved as a result of the upturn, while a further 10% were unsure.

The survey indicated that the public remains much more negative about their personal finance situation than they do about the general economy.

Q: Do you think the state of the British economy has got better or worse over the past three months?

  • Better: 30%
  • Worse: 34%
  • No change: 36%

Q: Do you think your personal financial situation has got better or worse over the past three months?

  • Better: 17%
  • Worse: 37%
  • No change: 46%


Poll: More than half think deficit is out of control

Just one in five people think the government has got a grip on the budget deficit, a new Comres poll for ITV News has found.

Chancellor George Osborne and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander. Credit: Alastair Grant/PA Archive

With George Osborne's Autumn Statement due tomorrow, more than half of Britons (52%) believe the deficit is not under control - a nine-point drop since the same point last year. Twenty-eight percent said they did not know.

However, the survey of 2,053 adults last week indicated that the Conservatives appear to still be more trusted on the economy.

Twenty-nine percent think the economy will improve if the Conservatives win the election, compared to 41% who said the opposite, and another 30% who did not know.

Meanwhile, 18% said it will get better if Labour win - with almost half (49%) saying it would get worse and 33% saying they did not know.

Labour keeps lead but voters 'prefer' PM Cameron

Despite Labour retaining its lead over the Conservatives in the 40 most marginal seats ahead of the General Election, voters prefer David Cameron to Ed Miliband for Prime Minister, a new ComRes/ITV News Index poll suggests.

The poll also indicates that 10% of Labour voters in the last General Election would switch their allegiance to Ukip next year.

Voters in marginal seats 'prefer a Labour to a Tory government, but favour David Cameron over Ed Miliband as Prime Minister' Credit: PA
  • Voters in marginal seats remain more likely to prefer a Labour to a Conservative government (41% to 36%), but favour David Cameron over Ed Miliband as Prime Minister (44% to 31%)
  • Nearly half of voters in marginal seats (45%) think that Ukip are a serious party, although 39% think they are not
  • 10% of participants who voted for Labour in 2010 now say that they would switch to vote Ukip, along with one in five people (21%) who voted Conservative

Labour 'keeps lead over Tories' in marginal seats

Labour retains its lead over the Conservatives in the 40 most marginal seats ahead of the General Election next year, a new ComRes/ITV News Index poll suggests.

Labour retains its lead over the Conservatives in the 40 most marginal seats Credit: PA

The poll of 1,002 people put Labour down two points since September on 39% and the Conservatives up one at 31%.

The Liberal Democrats and Ukip were also up one at 7% and 18% respectively.


ITV Index Poll: 50% think Miliband would be bad PM

A new ComRes/ ITV News Index poll has revealed that half of people surveyed think Ed Miliband would be a bad Prime Minister.

Ed Miliband. Credit: Reuters
  • Half of those (2,047) surveyed said they think that Ed Miliband would be a bad Prime Minister.
  • Just 16% said they thought he would be a good leader.
  • A sizeable minority of 34% said they didn't know whether he would be a good Prime Minister or not.

46% of Brits think troops should never have been sent

Troops wait for the last flight out of Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Nearly half of Brits think UK troops should not have been sent to Afghanistan in the first place, according to the latest ComRes/ITV News Index poll.

Of the 2,004 British adults surveyed:

  • 46% feel British troops should never have been sent to Afghanistan
  • 17% say it was right to send them but they should have returned sooner
  • 19% believe it was right but now is the right time for troops to return
  • 6% felt British troops should stay there for the foreseeable future
  • 12% say they do not know

56% of Brits 'think the Lib Dems have become irrelevant'

The majority of Brits think the Liberal Democrats have become irrelevant, according to the latest ComRes/ITV News Index poll.

The poll results were released as the Liberal Democrats held their annual party conference. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Of the 2,024 British adults surveyed:

  • 56% thought the Lib Dems were irrelevant
  • 26% disagreed with the statement
  • 18% said they did not know

When asked whether it was a mistake for the Lib Dems to enter a coalition government with the Conservatives, 44% of respondents agreed compared with 34% who disagreed.

Brits dismissive of Tory record on immigration and NHS

As David Cameron prepares to give his closing speech at the Conservative party conference, a new ComRes poll for ITV News suggests the public are dismissive of his party's record in government, especially on flagship NHS and immigration policies.

David Cameron at the Conservative party conference. Credit: Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment

The poll found that, two thirds of Britons think that the Conservatives handling of immigration has been bad for Britain, while 57% think the same of the party’s management of the NHS.

When asked if the government's policy on immigration was good or bad for the country:

  • 65% Bad
  • 8% Good
  • 18% Neither good nor bad

On the Conservative's overall management of the NHS, those questioned said:

  • 57% Bad
  • 11% Good
  • 22% Neither good nor bad
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