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ITV Index Poll: 50% think Miliband would be bad PM

A new ComRes/ ITV News Index poll has revealed that half of people surveyed think Ed Miliband would be a bad Prime Minister.

Ed Miliband. Credit: Reuters
  • Half of those (2,047) surveyed said they think that Ed Miliband would be a bad Prime Minister.
  • Just 16% said they thought he would be a good leader.
  • A sizeable minority of 34% said they didn't know whether he would be a good Prime Minister or not.


46% of Brits think troops should never have been sent

Troops wait for the last flight out of Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Nearly half of Brits think UK troops should not have been sent to Afghanistan in the first place, according to the latest ComRes/ITV News Index poll.

Of the 2,004 British adults surveyed:

  • 46% feel British troops should never have been sent to Afghanistan
  • 17% say it was right to send them but they should have returned sooner
  • 19% believe it was right but now is the right time for troops to return
  • 6% felt British troops should stay there for the foreseeable future
  • 12% say they do not know

56% of Brits 'think the Lib Dems have become irrelevant'

The majority of Brits think the Liberal Democrats have become irrelevant, according to the latest ComRes/ITV News Index poll.

The poll results were released as the Liberal Democrats held their annual party conference. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Of the 2,024 British adults surveyed:

  • 56% thought the Lib Dems were irrelevant
  • 26% disagreed with the statement
  • 18% said they did not know

When asked whether it was a mistake for the Lib Dems to enter a coalition government with the Conservatives, 44% of respondents agreed compared with 34% who disagreed.

Brits dismissive of Tory record on immigration and NHS

As David Cameron prepares to give his closing speech at the Conservative party conference, a new ComRes poll for ITV News suggests the public are dismissive of his party's record in government, especially on flagship NHS and immigration policies.

David Cameron at the Conservative party conference. Credit: Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment

The poll found that, two thirds of Britons think that the Conservatives handling of immigration has been bad for Britain, while 57% think the same of the party’s management of the NHS.

When asked if the government's policy on immigration was good or bad for the country:

  • 65% Bad
  • 8% Good
  • 18% Neither good nor bad

On the Conservative's overall management of the NHS, those questioned said:

  • 57% Bad
  • 11% Good
  • 22% Neither good nor bad

Third of marginal seat voters would consider voting Ukip

A third of voters in 40 marginal seats would consider voting for Ukip at the next general election but over half said they would next cast their ballot for the eurosceptic party, a new ComRes poll for ITV News suggests.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

In the event of a coalition government after the next election, voters would prefer the Liberal Democrats to Ukip as the junior partner by 42% compared to 35%.

Conservative voters also preferred to work with the Lib Dems instead of Ukip by 47% to 40%.


Poll gives Labour 11-point lead in key marginal seats

A new ITV News poll shows Labour have a big lead in the battleground marginal seats that are key to next year's general election.

Ed Miliband will be cheered by the latest figures on marginal seats. Credit: Tim Goode/EMPICS Entertainment

The ComRes survey found Ed Miliband's party were 11 points ahead of the Tories in the 40 tightest contests, a rise of five points since June.

Labour are currently on 41% in these seats, with the Tories on 30% - both sides were on 37% in these seats at the 2010 election.

ITV News Index: Scottish MPs 'should not have vote on English laws'

The majority of Brits think Scotland MPs should not be able to vote in Westminster on laws that only affect England, according to the latest ComRes/ITV News Index poll.

Some 65% of 2,048 people surveyed agreed it was time to stop Scottish MPs voting on laws that affect England, with just 15% opposed to the idea and 20% saying they did not know.

But 48% of those questioned also said they did not feel more positive towards David Cameron following the referendum campaign.

Just 29% of those polled said they felt more positive towards the Prime Minister following the campaign while 24% said they did not know.

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