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South African parliament votes not to impeach Zuma

Jacob Zuma Credit: Reuters

The South African Parliament has voted against a motion to impeach President Zuma.

The vote was launched after South Africa's highest court said last week that Mr Zuma had breached the constitution by failing to repay public money used to upgrade his private home.

Impeachment is a process which can remove an official accused of unlawful activity from office and can see criminal or civil punishment.

The opposition leader Mmusi Maimane said Mr Zuma was a "crooked" president who was unfit to govern.

But Mr Zuma survived the vote and had the support of the African National Congress (ANC), which controls almost two-thirds of the assembly.

SA President refuses to resign over mansion scandal

Jacob Zuma has refused to resign despite being accused of violating the constitution. Credit: RTV

South African President Jacob Zuma has refused to stand down despite a damning ruling by the country's constitutional court in relation to state funds used to upgrade his private home.

Yesterday, the court ruled that Mr Zuma violated the constitution when he spent $16m (£11m) of public money on various home improvements.

In an address to the nation, Mr Zuma said: "I respect the judgement and will abide by it...I never knowingly or deliberately set out to violate the constitution which is the supreme law of the Republic."

"My intention was not in pursuit of corrupt ends or to use state funds to unduly benefit me or my family...

"The matter has caused a lot of frustration and confusion for which I apologise on my behalf and on the behalf of government...Let us use the judgement to build and further strengthen our democracy."

Mr Zuma confirmed that he will pay back the money which was used on the enhancements at the Nkandla residence, such as a swimming pool and amphitheatre, once it has been established how much these projects are worth.

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