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  1. Paul Brand: ITV News Reporter

Imani's uncle pays tribute to a 'quiet, lovely' girl

Speaking to ITV News, Imani's uncle Mitchum Brown described her as a "quiet, lovely, friendly girl" who had only just begun to grow in confidence.

Mr Brown explained how Imani had sickle cell anaemia as well as a hole in her heart, and how she would travel to Jamaica every winter with her family because the warm weather helped with her conditions.

He says Imani was an innocent victim of Friday's shooting and believes the gunman was taking revenge over a dispute with the cafe owner, who is Imani's cousin.

Murdered girl's sister recalls shooting horror

The sister of Imani Green said she found the eight-year-old in a pool of blood after a lone gunman shot her twice in front of relatives in a cafe in Jamaica on Friday.

Janella Palmer, 19, told the BBC her sister was still breathing when she reached her.

We heard gunshots. We ran outside and shouted 'Imani, Imani, Imani'.

I picked her up off the ground and realised she was still breathing. I flagged down a car and they drove us to hospital. The rest is history.

– Janella Palmer, Imani Green's sister


  1. Paul Brand: ITV News Reporter

'Revenge attack' possible motive in Jamaica shooting

Imani Green may have been shot dead in revenge for an earlier attack.

The eight-year-old had been visiting relatives in Duncans - a town in northern Jamaica with a relatively low crime-rate - since shortly before the new year.

Police are investigating the theory, along with several other lines of inquiry.

The Foreign Office said it is providing consular assistance to Imani's family, from Balham, south London.

Murdered British girl in Jamaica was shot twice

Imani Green, 8, was shot dead in the town of Duncans in Trelawny, northern Jamaica. Credit: Google Maps

The eight-year-old British girl killed in front of relatives in a shop in the town of Duncans inTrelawny, northern Jamaica, was shot in the head and shoulder by a lone gunman, local Radio station RJR News reported.

Imani suffered from the blood disorder sickle cell aneamia and was in the country to cope with the disease, the youngster's brother told Sky News. She died while undergoing treatment at a local hospital.

Three other people were injured during the shooting and remain in a stable condition in a local hospital.

Police: Eight-year-old UK girl shot dead in Jamaica

Police in Jamaica have confirmed that an eight-year-old girl from London has been shot dead while visiting family in the country.

Imani Green was in a shop in the rural north coast town of Duncans when a man opened fire at a group of people inside, Jamaican Deputy Superintendent of Police Steve Brown said.

Imani was taken to hospital and later died.

He added that the police are continuing with their enquiries.


Report: Eight-year-old British girl shot dead in Jamaica

An eight-year-old girl from London has been shot dead while visiting family in Jamaica, according to local media reports.

She was reportedly shot after an argument broke out at a store in the north coast area of Duncans and a man then opened fire.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said, "We can confirm the death of a British national in Jamaica on the 11th January. We are providing consular assistance and liaising with local authorities".

Powerful drug trafficker locked up for 23 years

A powerful drug trafficker who evaded capture with the help of Jamaican authorities has been jailed for 23 years. Thousands of loyal followers promised to protect Christopher 'Dudus' Coke and the operation to capture him led to clashes in which dozens of people died.

Jamaican drug lord Christopher "Dudus" Coke Credit: Reuters

Coke pleaded guilty in a New York court to drug trafficking and assault charges. Despite insisting he was "a good person" Coke was handed the maximum possible sentence.

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