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Corden 'overwhelmed' at response to US TV debut

James Corden prepared for a 'terrible onslaught' of criticism following his debut on The Late Late Show Credit: PA Wire

Actor and comedian James Corden has said that the widely positive response to his first week as a late night talk show host in America has been "overwhelming".

Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, he said he prepared for a "terrible onslaught" of criticism following his debut on The Late Late Show on the CBS network.

In terms of reaction to the show, it's been a little overwhelming really.

We had gathered ourselves for a terrible onslaught of criticism and you never think these things are going to be met with such praise.

But the truth is it is far too early to judge our show or any of these type of shows because, had the reviews or reaction been awful, we would have all been saying 'well these things never break straight away and we have to take time'.

You have to give it the same logic if the response is good because these shows grow with familiarity.

– James Corden

Corden wishes Ant and Dec good luck with the Brits

James Corden, who has hosted the Brit Awards for the last four years, wished successors Geordie duo Ant and Dec luck ahead of their big night.

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