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Oliver calls for ban on unhealthy food TV ads before 9pm

Jamie Oliver has called for a ban on unhealthy foods before 9pm in a bid to tackle childhood obesity.

Addressing MPs, Oliver said: “We shouldn’t be advertising junk food high in salt, fat and sugar before 9 o’clock, end of story.

“We need to go where the kids are really congregated which are at the big shows, pre-9 o’clock - Britain's Got Talent - and where they can get a lot of these messages.

“Also, online is an absolute minefield that we just haven’t got our head around. I think there’s loads we can do very, very simply. We need it addressed.”

Oliver calls for clarity from food and drink industry

Jamie Oliver has called for clarity from the food and drink industry when it comes to revealing the amount of sugar in products.

Addressing MPs, the chef said: "Clarity is something they (industry) don't wish us to have."

He said his proposals, such as reflecting the amount of sugar in drinks by using a picture of teaspoons alongside the traffic light system, would help parents to make an informed choice.

Asked what he would like to see in the Government's forthcoming obesity strategy, Oliver said: "I don't believe the industry, particularly the food and drink industry, I don't think that utter clarity is their main objective because when you inform the British public with good, clear information they make good choices.

"They are not making good choices at the moment largely. I think it's a major problem."

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