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Corbyn: Truth behind London tower fire 'will come out'

Jeremy Corbyn has said the truth behind the causes of the London tower block fire "will come out".

Visiting a community centre being used as a donation point, the Labour leader told a man: "The truth has got to come out and will come out."

Mr Corbyn added that he would "stick up" for those affected by the fire when the man told him "the country needs you".

His visit and comments came on the same day that Prime Minister Theresa May was pictured visiting the site of Grenfell Tower.

On Thursday, Scotland Yard raised the death toll from the deadly inferno to 17, but warned that figure would rise.

Corbyn: It's a choice of hope or fear

Jeremy Corbyn promised an NHS free at the point-of-use and an economy that works for all during a final campaign push before the election.

In his second rally of the day, the Labour leader told crowds in Runcorn that "never before has there been a clearer choice in British politics about which way we go".

He added that five more years of the Conservatives would mean "five more years of NHS cuts".

Mr Corbyn went on to promise free school meals for every child in every primary school because "hungry children don't learn".


Corbyn tells rally: They underestimated us, didn't they?

Jeremy Corbyn on his final day of campaigning Credit: PA

Jeremy Corbyn has begun a marathon final day of General Election campaigning with a rally in Glasgow city centre.

The Labour leader, cheered by hundreds of supporters, delivered one of his final addresses to voters from a platform on Buchanan Street.

Mr Corbyn told the crowd: "They underestimated us didn't they? "They underestimated the good sense of ordinary people, ordinary people all over Britain."

The speech marked Mr Corbyn's 84th campaign rally, with a further six events planned across the country over the course of the day, culminating in his Islington North constituency in the evening.

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