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Hunt: Severe NHS problems 'limited to one or two hospitals'

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has denied the NHS is facing a humanitarian crisis, saying "very serious problems" had been limited to "one or two hospitals".

The crisis description from the Red Cross came as two patients died last week in the same A&E department after awaiting treatment on trolleys, with one waiting for 35 hours.

Asked about the deaths at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Mr Hunt told ITV's Good Morning Britain: "Every individual situation like that is of course a terrible tragedy."

He said reports of patients "waiting for too long on trollies" were down to "a handful" after "the most difficult time of the year" for the health service.

Mr Hunt said the Government was spending an extra £4 billion on health and committing "more doctors and nurses than ever before" with the NHS remaining its "top priority".

He confirmed he will update MPs on the situation in the NHS in Parliament later today, as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had requested.


Brexit Commons vote 'could damage EU negotiations'

Jeremy Hunt said that the UK could be put into a worse negotiating position Credit: BBC/Andrew Marr Show

A High Court ruling forcing Theresa May to put her Brexit plans before parliament could impact on the economy and "damage the fabric of democracy", Jeremy Hunt has said.

The health secretary accused campaigners who brought the case against the government of engaging in "processology" against the result of the referendum.

He said that the UK could be put into a worse negotiating position if the ruling is upheld at an appeal in the Supreme Court expected in January.

"The impact on the economy will be far worse if, through some parliamentary mechanisms, Theresa May is forced to lay out her entire negotiating strategy," he told the Andrew Marr show.

"You have to give the government latitude to make a deal."

He added: "The damage to the fabric of our democracy was far worse if people felt the establishment was trying to unpick a decision that was made."

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