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Last ditch attempt to halt junior doctors' strike dismissed

A last ditch attempt to halt next week's junior doctors' strike has failed today after Jeremy Hunt dismissed calls from MPs to agree to "a limited trial" ahead of "blanket introduction" of new contracts.

But as the NHS looks set to continue with the first all-out strike in its history, doctors made assurances that patients will be safe.

ITV News Correspondent Caron Bell reports:



Doctors back 7-day service but question how it will work

Jeremy Hunt has said doctors hours will remain within a safe limit. Credit: PA

Doctors back a seven-day NHS service but want the government to outline how they will fund and staff it.

Chair of the British Medical Association Dr Paul Flynn said: "There is clear public support for more weekend services, but no clear plan on how this will be delivered.

“At a time when the NHS is facing a £22 billion funding shortfall, many hospitals are in the red and weekday services are under strain.

"The government must explain how they plan to expand services by up to 40% across the week.

"How will they pay for it? How will they ensure there isn’t a reduction in mid-week services? How will they put in place the support doctors need to deliver the same high standard of care over seven days?"

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