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Fears scale of Savile abuse could be greater

The scale of abuse by Jimmy Savile could be even greater after 12 hospital trusts were alerted to fresh allegations against the disgraced entertainer.

This list includes eight hospitals and one ambulance service that are now starting investigations for the first time.

A lawyer for a number of Savile's alleged victims said many felt it was the "first time they'd ever been listened to".

ITV News Correspondent Lewis Vaughan Jones reports:

Savile NHS abuse report delayed over fresh allegations

Outstanding reports into abuse by Jimmy Savile at NHS hospitals have been delayed after a fresh wave of allegations came to light.

Twelve trusts have been contacted over the new claims.

The publication of the latest report into abuse by Savile at NHS hospitals has been delayed. Credit: PA Wire

In a ministerial statement, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said trusts should be able to publish their findings in January 2015.

"At the request of the Crown Prosecution Service, the publication of the NHS investigations into Jimmy Savile is being delayed until the conclusion of ongoing legal proceedings."

Findings of investigations into Savile's activities at 28 hospitals were published in June.


12 NHS Trusts contacted over new Savile claims

Investigations into fresh allegations of abuse by Jimmy Savile are focused on the following hospitals:

  • Leeds General Infirmary
  • Stoke Mandeville Hospital
  • Birch Hill Hospital in Rochdale
  • Scott House Hospital in Rochdale
  • Bethlem Royal Hospital in London
  • Shenley Hospital in London
  • West Yorkshire Ambulance Service
  • St Martin's Hospital in Canterbury
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Gateshead
  • Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Meanwood Park Hospital in Leeds
  • Calderdale Royal Hospital

Reports into the disgraced entertainer's abuse at four hospitals - Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Rampton Hospital, Springfield Hospital and Crawley Hospital - are yet to be published.

Savile victims' lawyer backs NSPCC call on child abuse

The call by the NSPCC chief to change the law so that failing to report child abuse is a crime has been welcomed by a lawyer who represents 176 victims of disgraced TV presenter and serial abuser Jimmy Savile.

The NSPCC chief said failing to report child abuse should be a crime. Credit: PA

Liz Dux, a lawyer with Slater & Gordon, said: "The NSPCC's backing for mandatory reporting is a welcome and significant moment in our fight to protect future children from predators like Savile, Harris, Smith and Hall.

"This, coupled with an announcement earlier this week by Theresa May that an independent inquiry is to be held, signals we are moving in the right direction - the victims will take some heart.

"Universally the victims I work with say they want change, they support mandatory reporting.

"We must not pass up this opportunity to protect our children and we must not delude ourselves that outrages like these ones will never happen again - if we don't act they could."

Savile hospital abuse report 'not gone far enough'

The report into Jimmy Savile's prolific sexual abuse "has not gone far enough" and someone needs to be held to account for the disgraced children entertainer's behaviour, said the investigative journalist who broke the story.

Mark Williams Thomas told Good Morning Britain it was "inconceivable" senior managers at either Broadmoor psychiatric hospital or Leeds general infirmary did not know what Savile was up to.


Investigations reveal Jimmy Savile abused dead bodies

Shocking details have been revealed by new investigations into the crimes of Jimmy Savile about the extent of the abuse he inflicted on NHS patients. Reports into his behaviour at 28 hospitals and institutions speak of "truly awful" sexual abuse over four decades.

He abused victims aged from just five to 75 and even dead bodies in a mortuary at Leeds General. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has apologised and said Savile's actions "shake our country to the core".

Jimmy Savile victim: I still have nightmares

A transgender man abused by Jimmy Savile has told ITV News he still has nightmares about his ordeal.

The Health Secretary today apologised to victims after further details of Savile's crimes at NHS hospitals across the country were released.

"I still have nightmares. A lot of people would think 'there's nothing wrong with him' but that's not true - I still have nightmare. I still dream I'm locked up," Steven George said.

Hunt: Not certain system can prevent 'another Savile'

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt admitted today that it was not certain that the current system could prevent "another Savile" from working with children and in hospital trusts.

Jeremy Hunt said it was not certain that the current system could prevent 'another Savile' from working with children. Credit: PA

He made the comments in the House of Commons as he apologised on behalf of the Government and the NHS for the prolific abuse undertaken by Jimmy Savile across more than 30 institutions over several decades.

Responding to concerns raised by Labour over figures that showed the number of people barred from working with children had dropped by 75% in the last three years, Mr Hunt said that work was ongoing to examine the reason for the significant drop.

Mr Hunt said: "I think it is important to say the disclosure and barring scheme - and I've given this a lot of thought - it's likely in the current environment, were we to have another Savile, that it would have barred him from working with children and working in trusts but it's not certain.

"It's not certain because he was never convicted of a crime so the CRB checks would not have stopped that, but the disclosure and barring scheme does have the possibility of preventing people working with children and vulnerable adults even if they haven't committed a crime."

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham called for the Government to implement a code of conduct outlining the "appropriate relationship" between the NHS and celebrities or business backers.

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