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Joan Rivers quizzed by border police on UK fishing trip

US comedian Joan Rivers was quizzed by officers from the UK Border Agency during a fishing trip in Faversham, Kent Online reports.

US comic Joan Rivers was quizzed by Border officials during Faversham fishing trip. Credit: Press Assocation

The agency had received a tip-off that a suspicious group of people in two fishing trawlers had been seen at Harty Ferry.

But the officers soon discovered the group were Joan Rivers, her daughter and a camera crew filming the comic's reality show.

Joan was being filmed visiting her friend The Countess Sondes of Lees Court Estate.

Speaking after the incident, Ms Rivers said: "Even though we were innocent, I am so sorry they didn't arrest us. I love Englishmen and they were very cute!"

Phyllis Diller, who 'broke the way for every woman comedian', dies aged 95

Phyllis Diller, who "broke the way for every woman comedian", has died at her Los Angeles home aged 95.

Phyllis Diller
Phyllis Diller died aged 95. Credit: REUTERS/Fred Prouser

Diller began her career in 1952 and starred in her own show The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show, she also acted alongside Bob Hope in the film Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!.

Joan Rivers recently told US television show Watch What Happens Live that Diller "broke the way for every woman comedian".


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