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Labour strategy 'driven by the pointy-heads not the lionhearts'

Labour's campaign strategy is being driven by "the pointy-heads not the lionhearts," former deputy prime Lord Prescott has warned.

Former deputy prime minister John Prescott, shows his 1997 Labour card. Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Archive

Writing in his column in the Sunday Mirror, he said:

To be frank, our campaigns have not been very successful. From the 2010 general election to local and European elections and by-elections, it seems strategy is driven by the pointy-heads not the lionhearts.

The Scottish referendum campaign was only saved by dedicated old-school campaigners like Gordon Brown and Jim Murphy who went out and spoke with passion about Labour's values, achievements and positive case for the future.

In these last six months we need passionate campaigners to sell our popular policies.

– john prescott writing in the sunday times


Crowds force Prescott to retreat to coffee shop

Former deputy prime minister John Prescott has had to retreat to a coffee shop because of the impassioned crowd on the street outside.

Prescott is on the Yes campaign trail in Scotland.

Prescott: Stay and 'help kick the Tories in the ballots'

Former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott has asked voters in Scotland to stay in the union and help Labour kick the Conservatives "in the ballots".

Writing in the Daily Mirror, Lord Prescott said, "Leaving a union that has delivered huge cultural, social and economic benefits for millions of people for centuries because you don't like Cameron and Osborne is like walking away from a fight with Lord Snooty and his Posh Pals."

'Please don't walk away from the fight. Britain needs you now more than ever,' John Prescott writes. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

"We've got the Bullingdon Boys on the run down south but we need your help to finish the job. If you leave, we'll have to stand alone", he continued.

"So stick with us in this fight and we'll both kick them in the ballots at the General Election. United we stand. Divided we both fail."


Prescott: Miliband fought Nazis as Mail supported them

John Prescott has attacked the "outrageous" and "pernicious" Daily Mail article claiming Ed Miliband's father "hated Britain".

The former deputy prime minister told ITV News: "Do bear in mind his father fled from Europe to fight the fascists, joined the Royal Navy, and at that time Viscount Rothermere - who owned the Daily Mail - was actually writing in support of the fascist Blackshirts.

"Would I then follow the same rule and blame Mr Dacre, the [Mail] editor, for the views of the owner? No I wouldn't, and that's what is so wrong. It's hypocrisy. "

Report: Labour plotting to lower voting age to 16

Ed Miliband addressed teenage pupils at Blatchington Mill School in Hove last month. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Labour have reportedly drawn up plans to lower the voting age from 18 to 16 in an attempt to capture more support.

The Sunday Times said Labour's shadow minister for London, Sadiq Khan, had prepared the key reform, which could be introduced for the 2020 election if the party return to power in 2015.

Former Miliband guru tells Labour leader to grow up

Lord Glasman received his peerage from Ed Miliband, but has sharp words for the Labour leader. Credit: Lucy Ray/PA Archive

Ed Miliband has also faced renewed criticism from one of his former political gurus, who said the Labour leader currently appeared too immature to lead the country.

Academic Lord Glasman, writing in the Mail on Sunday, said: "At the very time when Labour should be showing the way ahead, it gives the impression of not knowing which way to turn."

Lord Glasman, who has written critically about Mr Miliband before, added "When the Labour battle bus should be revving up, it is parked in a lay-by of introspection. It is time for Ed Miliband to show he is a grown-up politician big enough to lead this country."

Prescott tells Miliband to turn hairdryer on Labour team

Lord Prescott has urged Ed Miliband to adopt the scare-tactic approach of former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson with under-performing members of his shadow cabinet.

If shadow cabinet members aren't pulling their weight, give them the hairdryer treatment and kick 'em out.

Time is running out. We can still turn it around and win in the second half. But we need the very best team, week in, week out.

– Lord Prescott, writing in his column in the Sunday Mirror
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