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Mourinho 'owes Remy game time' at Chelsea

Remy celebrates his winner. Credit: Reuters

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho admits he owes match-winner Loic Remy more game time with Diego Costa's latest hamstring problem possibly providing an opening.

The striker has started just three Barclays Premier League matches since his summer switch from QPR but stepped off the bench to score the winner in Sunday's 3-2 victory at Hull.

Remy was only on the pitch as a result of Costa's latest injury breakdown, but converted less than two minutes later to restore the Blues' six-point lead at the top of the table.

"Probably he deserves more than what I give him," Mourinho said.

"Sometimes, not many times, a coach can feel he owes something to a player. With Remy that is the case, I think I owe him something.

"Every time he plays he gives us a lot. I'm so happy for him because he deserves it. He never complains."

Chelsea manager confesses to unusual watch routine

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has revealed he celebrates every season that yields at least one trophy by retiring his watch.

Mourinho will retire this watch at the end of the season. Credit: PA

Mourinho has already lifted this season's League Cup with the Blues, who are also in pole position to clinch the Premier League title.

It means the 52 year-old will repeat a routine he has sworn by since becoming a manager, and hang up the wrist piece you see in the photo, above.

Speaking to the Guardian, the ex-Real Madrid and Inter boss revealed:

When I win titles the gifts are for my wife, my daughter and my son.

I take my watch from my wrist and I don’t wear it again. A big collection? I have a big collection. I keep it. They’re in a safe box. Like people keep medals or shirts, I keep my watches.

Another thing is if I don’t win, the watch becomes a normal watch, so I wear, I don’t wear, I wear, I don’t wear. But when I finish a season with a trophy, that season is represented with a watch. I have 21.

– Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho


Mourinho hits back at 'frustrated' Souness

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho. Credit: John Walton/PA Wire

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho believes Sky Sports pundit Graeme Souness is "clearly a frustrated man".

Former Liverpool midfielder Souness was among the fiercest critics of Chelsea as they exited the Champions League against PSG on Wednesday.

Mourinho said: "The difference between me and Souness is this: Souness as a player, up there. Jose Mourinho as a player, down here. Jose Mourinho as a manager, up here. Souness as a manager, down there.

"With another difference: I was not a frustrated man because I was not a top player. He is clearly a frustrated man."

Chelsea manager 'wanted to kill' assistant on team bus

Jose Mourinho "wanted to kill" assistant first-team coach Silvino Louro for giving away the Man City score as Chelsea approached Wembley for the League Cup final on Sunday.

Mourinho jokingly told the media he 'wanted to kill' Silvino Louro. Credit: PA

The Blues boss had hoped to keep Man City's Premier League result a secret from his players one way or another in order to prevent any distractions prior to the Wembley showpiece against Spurs.

Speaking to the media after Chelsea's 2-0 victory, Mourinho said:

I told them (the players) I didn't want any kind of manifestation or disappointment if City scored in the last minute, or Liverpool won. I wanted complete silence.

We were successful on that. But one member of my staff jumped up in the bus. Silvino (Louro, an assistant first-team coach). I wanted to kill the guy. He broke the rule.

– Chelsea manager speaking to the media after Chelsea's League Cup victory


Jose Mourinho fined £25,000 by FA for 'clear campaign' against Chelsea comment

Mourinho has been warned about his future conduct. Credit: PA

Jose Mourinho has been fined £25,000 and warned over his future conduct by the Football Association for claiming there was a "clear campaign" against Chelsea.

Mourinho's complaints came following the draw at Southampton on December 28th, and were found to have brought the game into disrepute.

An independent regulatory commission also ruled that the comments did not necessarily imply officials were biased against Chelsea.

Jose Mourinho urges Chelsea fans to scrap chant out of respect for Liverpool captain

Gerrard is mocked by Chelsea fans for his costly slip in April 2014. Credit: PA

Jose Mourinho has urged Chelsea fans to stop giving Steven Gerrard a hard time over his costly slip at Anfield last season.

Liverpool's captain fell over with the ball at his feet when Chelsea visited Anfield in a crucial Premier League clash in April 2014.

The Blues broke away and took the lead, eventually winning the fixture 2-0 and effectively ending Liverpool and Gerrard's hopes of collecting his first ever league title.

Chelsea fans will travel to Liverpool in their thousands for Tuesday's meeting, but Mourinho wants them to scrap any chants directed at Gerrard.

Gerrard is an historical player for Liverpool, an historical player for the Premier League, an opponent I always admired and respect. Our fans have a song (about him) that I don’t like, I don’t like it at all.

Maybe a couple of times it’s good fun, but to go on and go on, especially when a player like him deserves respect, I don’t think we need that. We have so many other songs that we don’t need that one.

I love those quotes when Gerrard was saying that, in this life, he would never score against Liverpool. I understand why he was almost, almost, almost coming to Chelsea, and he didn’t. I respect that a lot.

The decision (to stay at Liverpool) for me was proven right because he will always be a Red for ever.

– Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho
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