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UKIP condemns extradition of Sheffield student

Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP, says: "This is appalling news and once again shows that our Government seems more than happy to hand over its citizens to the US without a care in the world."We saw this with my friend Chris Tappin, and now with Richard O'Dwyer.

"This treaty is totally one-sided and needs serious reform."Chris and Richard should be allowed to prove their innocence under British law in a British court, not taken on a plane to the other side of the world and thrown into an American jail.

"The Prime Minister should stop cosying up to president Obama and put British people first for once."

Liberty: 'Put common sense back into law'

Richard built this website from his Sheffield bedroom and his computer server wasn't even US-based but still he faces being dragged across the Atlantic for trial.

His plight shames our extradition system and the coalition needs to honour past promises and put some compassion and common sense back into the law.

– Emma Norton, legal officer at civil rights group Liberty


Mother of student under extradition threat: 'PM is wet'

Julia O'Dwyer, the mother of Richard who is facing being extradited to the US has slammed the government's handling of the case.

"I don't blame America. They do it because they can because our law leaves the gates wide open. This is fully the responsibility of our Government - the last government for doing this law and this Government for not acting to do the promised amendments to it."

Asked what the Prime Minister should do during his three-day visit to the US, Mrs O'Dwyer added:

The man's wet isn't he? He's not going to be saying anything much to President Obama. And he won't get much of an answer either. It'll be, 'The president doesn't interfere.'